Sunday, January 13, 2013

My five long days in the hospital is my hospital story. UGH! On Dec. 31st i was having bend over pains in my abdomen to the point of where i was not enjoying the end of night munchies as i had no appetite to WANT to. It had started at about 7pm. The pain woke me up @6am on a day that i could have been sleeping in :( I went downstairs to try to be able to curl more into a ball, walk, do something to help but nothing helped and i finally crawled back into bed and for the first time since i can remember.....i told the girls that i would not be able to get out of bed.....too much pain. It was bad.
I tried toast with butter and honey with peppermint tea....only got in one bite and a few sips of tea. I am forgetful of order here but i know that i heard the girls struggling with Sophina's eating and i knew that it would not be long and i would have to help. Sure enough, Ally came up and said that Sophina would not eat or drink for any of them. I took my heating pad with me and put it on my belly then my back to try to help with the pain. I was hunched over trying to feed Sophina.....i got her fed and got her to drink quite a bit of milk but just didn't have it in me to fight her anymore. I went back up to bed and tried one more bite of toast and another sip of tea and promptly went to sleep.
It was lunchtime and there was a need for mom so i woke up. The phone rang....Bob was on the phone and said that i should probably go in. LeAnne called the medical group for me while i was on with Bob and found out that the one i go to was closed for New Year's and the other one was already past booked for the whole rest of the day/night....the only choice was the ER. The girls said that they would hold down the fort.
SIX HOURS of waiting in the waiting room in the ER. Bob and LeAnne were with me the entire time. I finally got into the back where they did all kinds of tests. Tests were showing that something was wrong.....several tests were coming back WAY out of whack and i remember one test was SEVENTEEN times what it should be. They did a cat scan and had me drink some awful stuff......i had not eaten and i had hardly drunk anything due to the fact that the nurse told me that i couldn't in case they had to do surgery! UGH! I drank the stuff as fast as they told me and after the first scan on the Cat scan...i threw up all over the floor and into the lovely TINY bag put in front of my face as i lay there on my side on the scan table. The scan came back that my colon was VERY inflamed.
I was admitted to the hospital 12 hours after i had come into the hospital. LeAnne was with me the entire time and Bob (who is fighting cancer) was with me for eight of those hours as i didn't want him to be back in the room where they did the tests.........YET, he sat in that ER waiting room for a couple hours waiting. He came back to the hospital VERY late in the night with a few items he got from the girls for me. Scott was on his way home from work...a day early as he WAS planning on coming home for our only family CHRISTmas celebration with his side. His family had not seen Scott for a full year.
Sophina got very sick, coming off of the bus from preschool with a NAP on the way home. Scott said she had a near 104 temp. The doctors could not understand why i was still having pain....NOT as bad as before but it was still there AND i was having slight nausea after eating the little bit that i tried again to eat. They decided that i needed a colonoscopy to see what we were dealing with.
I dehydrate VERY easily and get migraines when i do. Thinking that since i had the IV, i should be fine....they started me on the horrible Crystal Light Drink that would "make my BM's look like pee". I had learned to SIP it SLOWLY from the cat scan.....SO i drank slowly from 2:30pm until i showed them that i thought i was done....MANY hours later. Again, i couldn't eat or drink. I had gone many nights without food, drink or sleep. The IV must not have been giving me enough because i wrote a note on FB that i could tell that i was fighting a migraine......hit POST and BOOM i fell onto the partially upright mattress in a ball and never moved a muscle for the next four hours. I never ever in my worst imaginations had ever known that a migraine could be so overwhelming. The half of my body closest to the mattress was falling asleep and there was nothing i could do about it. I was alone and in the worst pain and nausea i have ever experienced in my life. They gave me TWO Imitrex and it did NOTHING. The nurses were amazing. I could not see anyone as i couldn't even open my eyes and my body had collapsed with my head looking at my knees if i had opened them....i was in a ball. The RN was getting frantic as i could hear it in her voice....she needed to get me better before this colonoscopy! There was another nurse who was AMAZING in that she rubbed my pressure points in my head! She could only do it for a few seconds BUT i got some relief. That same voice got me an ice pack and put it on my head....again SOME relief. OH how i was longing for someone to come and rub my head with the oils that i had seen across the room before i fell onto the mattress so many hours before. They gave me another Imitrex....this time in the form of a shot in my belly. NOTHING The nurse was now getting angry as they were short staffed and i was not able to help her get me ready and she was getting called that i was late. She was doing her best but there was no one available to help her. I had had to go to the bathroom for a long time......i was now feeling very drugged, lightheaded and like i couldn't walk. I got to the bathroom with much help and another nurse came for a minute to help get me onto the bed for traveling. The ice pack/massager of my head nurse was the one who took me down....oh my....i felt like someone had given me bad drugs....i felt a different kind of awful.
They got me down there......i was now in tears.....i felt so alone as no one even knew what the last four hours had been like and no one knew that i was going into the procedure in a way that was NOT ideal. I laid on that bed with tears streaming down the sides of my face and no ability to wipe them......they had to actually help me sign the paperwork......i could barely lift my arm. i MADE SURE that the anestheseologist knew that i had had so many drugs just moments before and i told him that i was NOT used to it.
They contemplated not going ahead with it. I begged them to do it because i could not ever go through the whole process that i had endured again! They decided to go for it. They told me that they were going to give me a relaxer before they gave me the 'real stuff' and i told them to not give me too much because i knew i would not need much. I made it maybe thirty seconds and never even saw the doorway as i was OUT! Next thing i knew, i was awake and felt like i had had the deepest sleep of my life and then felt weird.
Dr Liveringhouse (?) let me know that they found no cancer or any other serious thing but next week would let me know the findings of the biopsies. I called them this morning and saw the findings this afternoon at the check up.....NOTHING! They decided that it was a bad viral infection!!!
The nurses laughed during my five day stay when people would tell me that i should be there to rest! HA! There were so many interruptions in sleep....1:30am/4am and 7:30 there was blood pressure, temperature, etc..... my blood pressure would take 3-4 tries and i would struggle to get back to sleep. The day time was no different. PLUS, the alarms, the hacking of people all around in the rooms around, the throwing up.....all of the noises i could hear. The fact that my arm had to be kept in a straight out position didn't help sleep at all AND then there was that long tube attached too. The nurses and doctors all agreed that this WAS NOT the place to get 'rest'.
SO....five days in the hospital.....horrible and painful things that would not have happened if i had been home.....i can't imagine the stopped our family CHRISTmas gathering......our family was in three different places......ALL for the outcome of a 'nasty viral infection'. i will never understand.....but i guess that i don't need to. I AM ALWAYS BLESSED

Friday, January 11, 2013

LONGEST one i have ever written....worth it

OK....I am going to try to put all of the story of our roof and Amara's Acts of Kindness into ONE story so you all will read the WHOLE thing.....WHY!?!?!  BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING!!!  On so many angles.
 I find it amazing that yesterday is the 'anniversary' of the family finding something wrong with their precious daughter.....yesterday was four years.
Here is what they found on that day.....i can't imagine the emotions.
"Our little girl, Amara, went in for an MRI scan of her brain and spine on January 9th, 2009. The MRI was done to just make sure that nothing was causing some motor delays and her occasional toe walking. The MRI found a "mass" in her spinal cord, and some "stuff" on her brain, and some nodules around the outside of her kidneys. She was immediately admitted to Children's Hospital where a large group of doctors did many test on her, drew lots of blood, and preformed a spinal tap. The oncologist told us that Amara is what they call a "Medical Mystery" to a lot of different specialist. So far all the test results have been normal. However, the group of doctors are all in agreement that the "mass" in her spine needs to come out. The surgery has been scheduled for Monday, February 2nd, at 7:30a.m. at Children's Hospital. This surgery will determine the next step of action, if any!  This was a complete incidental finding. We know that this has all been in God's timing and we have complete faith in the neurosurgeon that the Lord has hand picked for our little girl! As we are on our knees for our daughter, the Lord has picked us up and has taken us to a place of comfort, peace, and assurance! God is in control, our Savior, our Creator, and our Healer! This is the verse on our refrigerator, the one our daughter has memorized in heart, the scripture for the month of January. Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and courageous! Do NOT tremble or be dismayed! For the Lord, your God, is with you WHEREVER you go! " God bless you all! The Weidinger Family Matt, Molly, Amara, and Lydia"
 On July 26th, 2012.....Amara went to be with Jesus....she left an amazing testimony that will be worth the time to read

Well, it looks like everything has been set for Amara's Celebration of Life Service, thank you for all your prayers as they make final arrangements for this special day! Everyone at Plymouth Covenant has welcomed them with open arms, and are excited to be a part of such a special event! Praise God for such an answer to prayer!

Even though Amara was never a mystery to Jesus, she went to Heaven being a 'medical mystery' to some of the best doctors in the world...and because of that Matt and Molly allowed the hospital to do a full autopsy on Amara's body, in hopes that they will solve her 'mystery' and in turn be able to help the lives of many other children. So please pray for this process and as they wait for answers, that God will cover it all, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a preview of Amara's obituary that will run in Sunday's Star and Tribune....and many of you have been asking for their address which is:
10051 Troy Lane North
Maple Grove, MN 55311

“Amara Susan Weidinger went to dance with Jesus, her best friend, on July 26th, 2012. She lived her life for the Lord and always found ways to SHINE FOR JESUS! Amara will be soarly missed here on earth, by everyone who crossed her path, however, we know that Heaven gained a MIGHTY warrior, that will continue to help lead the Army of Jesus! Her purpose in life was to make “fishers of men”, and she did just that while wearing her bright smile, colorful hats and fancy sunglasses! Amara spent her life dreaming and thinking about Heaven, and now she is finally HOME, in the arms of her Savior! You can learn more about her journey and how God used her kindness, love, and amazing faith to impact others, at . Amara, Daddy and Mommy “love you to the moon and back and back again”! Keep SHINING ON, sweetheart!

Survived by loving parents, Matt and Molly; devoted sister, Lydia; loyal dog, Haley; beloved grandparents, Tom and Susan Mickelson; (Bapa & Nana)Roger and Charlene Weidinger; Great Grandma, Mary -Charlotte Crill; Uncle Jeremy Mickelson(Teresa), cousins Owen(10), Nora(8), Finn(4); Aunt Anne Lenneartson(Jason), cousin Ellie(2); Uncle Steve Mickelson; Uncle Tim, cousins Timmy(11) & Taylor(11); Aunt Renee(Guy), cousins Randi(17) & Payton(5); Uncle Bill Shipton & Uncle Jack Rhodes; Uncle Dick Mickelson; Uncle Jerry Mickelson(Becky). She was also survived by many other, very special relatives, teachers, doctors, nurses, therapists, classmates, and numerous friends who loved her dearly, and who she loved SO much!

Amara’s Celebration of Life Service will be held on Thursday, August 9th, @ 2:00p.m. at Plymouth Covenant Church, 4300 Vicksburg Lane, Plymouth, MN, 55446. Please feel free to dress in your favorite color of the rainbow, as we CELEBRATE this special day!

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the “Amara Weidinger Fund” at any Wells Fargo.”

From ME now....Connie.....
"The last six weeks have been past overwhelming here at this house. Sick children, a friend with a son who was near death and is STILL fighting MRSA, without my hubby here (until this last week) and then finally me being in the hospital (a story for another day) but THIS story HAS to be told before i do one more thing!!!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this post - I am in tears already and that is another reason i just couldn't write....i am just so completely overwhelmed....
ok....deep breath as i sob. I pray that YOU are moved to DO SOMETHING because of what you next read here"
In the middle of these past weeks, a miracle happened! It was a "little" miracle at first. We found a roofer who said what i have been thinking for twelve years....the roof needed to be completely redone. The miracle in that.....the roofer was no one that i knew and i never WOULD have known had my cousin not been coming to visit our house often. I had mentioned about our roof HAVING to be done. There was no more putting it off! I had forgotten about her even mentioning that she knew an incredible roofer. A roofing company came to the door and i LOVED them! My cousin saw that and stepped into action immediately. The history BUT worth "the rest of the story".
The next miracle is one that God knows......God CHOSE this roofer for reasons that still amaze me! GOD'S TIMING BLEW MY MIND!!!! (crying all throughout writing this but really crying now) You see the timing of this was NOT just for me but also for the roofer. God knows EVERYTHING!
This roofer had children who went to the same school as Amara and my cousin's children. The roofer donated all of his time. What is amazing is that he did it with complete JOY! Just so very blessed!
The next miracles just kept growing and growing and the point of i still just cannot wrap my head around it.....oh my goodness.....i don't know if i can get through this.....sobbing. How can i see to write this!?!?!!? 
My cousin told me about this little girl named she had a friend whose little girl just passed away a few months the family started this amazing 'group' that does 'acts of kindness' so that Amara is never forgotten because she was just an angel with a heart that reminds me of our Sophina. I listened and heard of ANOTHER child who had passed away so young and it broke my heart BUT never dreamed that we would be the recipient of an 'act of kindness'. I was wrong!
Oh good grief.....whew!
My cousin was all excited as she told me about how this group was going to help us. I never ever could have imagined how much they were going to 'help us'. 
If you see the picture of our roof now....there are vents that are sticking out of the roof that are going to be a HUGE help from now on. THAT is the biggest difference between what was and what has happened. 
Our roofer found things that i think made his blood boil. The roof that had had to be put on in order for us to accept the price of the house twelve years ago.....was HORRIBLE. Our roofer took pictures since i was in the hospital and i have not been able to see them yet because there were just so many. Simple things that any roofer would know were done wrong and not done well at that.
(i am going to be exhausted after writing this all out)
Another miracle......having someone who cared enough to do it RIGHT! He was passionate about it. His crew came while i was in the was done in a little over one day and it came on a day (another timing miracle of God's) when Sophina needed something to have her mind on besides the fact that she was very sick and her family was all gone except Daddy who she doesn't get to see very often. Scott said that she LOVED it and 'talked' to the 'boys' out there all throughout the day. (another miracle......she is usually freaked out by loud noises)
Our roof takes my breath away. The color is so perfect.....the roofer picked it out......and it makes my house MATCH!!! I get weepy just pulling into the driveway. I don't know if there is anyone else on earth who is as grateful for a roof as i am. There are NO WORDS to describe what a new roof means to me. It has been a REAL burden for twelve years....a burden that became REAL every time i would pull into our driveway and SEE the shingles all curled up all over our roof! THEN there was the rain in December....for over thirty years i PASSIONATELY LOVED rain storms....the louder the better!!! I ADORED them! They made me giggle with delight! I doubt that any of my children will remember me like that as i have DREADED rain storms for TWELVE YEARS!!!
Ok....i've been trying and trying and trying to figure out how to share what was given to us but i have no easy way of doing it. I am sure that Amara's family was BLOWN AWAY by what was coming in for our roof (no pun intended). HALF of our roof costs were paid for. The roof costs were more than the other company had told us but that is because of the vents that HAD to be put in so the air flow worked for our vaulted ceilings. For those who saw what that cost was.....well, it was a LOT! FOR REAL, HALF of the cost of this beautiful, amazing, and fantastic roof was paid for. It was paid for by people that i don't even know! It was paid for by people i do. 
My family will try to honor the LIFE of Amara as these people have honored HER LIFE by blessing us with a gift that just can't be understood! Oh Molly......your daughter is smiling her beautiful smile on what is happening here on earth in her honor. You should be proud of your daughter, her legacy, her friends, her school, your family, your sacrifice of giving out of grief, your friends......i am ALWAYS BLESSED!