Tuesday, November 8, 2011

APOLOGY & a time of thanks for our son

We have had many weeks of my not knowing how i could get onto my blog. Something got all messed up & i finally got help from people that knew what to do. I couldn't leave messages on your blogs either. I still don't know what happened but i finally am able to write! I have SO much to tell you but for now i thought that i would let you know what was happening with the blog but also let you see what i was able to write on DAY #8 of Thanksgiving Month. I had completely forgotten that i had a child in between Catherine & Sophina now that i could be thankful for! WHAT a blessing!!!

#8.....oh my goodness! I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us the opportunity to have another blessing in our lives!!! Can you believe this but i get to thank the Lord for a SON!!!! Never in a million years would i have guessed that i was going to have a son...if you had asked me two years ago! WOW!
I thought of a story yesterday that blew my mind. When i had my miscarriage i was at a table at Mom's group & then i was also at a table when we found out that i was pregnant with Sophina. There were two different ladies at that table that had twins. I had had a very distinct dream that i was going to have twins. After finding out that we were only having Sophina, i blew off the dream....until last night!!! Our precious son, Ethan, is going to be FIFTEEN DAYS different in age than our sweet Sophina!!! How amazing that thought was! If you were at my table, i wonder if you remember that conversation about how strong the feeling was for my having twins!!! Oh how we are blessed!
I was the only one who was terrified of bringing home a boy. The Lord had to really change my mind. He used a few little boys....Landon, Robert, and Danny....to slowly make me realize that having a son may be a challenge to me but it will also have many blessings! I will definitely need to rely on the Lord COMPLETELY since i have not one ounce of parenting a boy in me!
Ethan is a precious blessing in our lives. Our lives are not centered around things....they are centered around the Lord's working in a whole continent halfway around the world! Ethan has helped to open our eyes to the plight of the orphan and to the world of adoption that i am so very very grateful for!
Ethan, we love you so much & we cannot wait for the day to hold you in our arms! We cannot wait to have you with us every day....playing Duplo's, swinging on the swings, watching football, seeing you learn all the different foods that we eat & having you watch us eat the food that you liked, sitting in church as a whole family, going to our family reunion, going to the Pumpkin Farm & watching you play with your brother-in-law, Nate & your daddy, having Thanksgiving together & trying to fit all of us in our kitchen/dining room, seeing our Christmas tree, holding you at night in my arms as i read to you all (teaching you that it is good to sit still at certain times;]), tucking you in at night & watching you as you sleep! I love you my son, Ethan!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! love, Mommy

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