Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PLEASE DONATE $5 for Shannon's paperwork!!!! TODAY!!!!

If you are a friend of mine on FB you will know that i talk about Ethan #2 a LOT!!! This is a family with whom i have fallen in love with! I absolutely LOVE the mother whose name is Shannon. I LOVE her faith, i LOVE her faithfulness, I LOVE her HOPEFULNESS, i LOVE WHO she has HOPE in, i LOVE her willingness to KEEP GOING ON in the midst of trials!

You see, they have their dossier ready for a little girl also named Shannon who happens to live in the same country as OUR son, Ethan!!! The dossier has BEEN ready for MANY weeks and the paperwork material that is in it is getting close to being outdated! They need $3200 yet before they can send out the paperwork! It is NOT tax deductible which means that this is straight sacrificial giving...you get NOTHING....NOTHING!!!

I am BEGGING you, my friends to give because you love Jesus...because you love this family... because you love adoption...because you love Shannon...because you love Ethan...because you love me....or if you are reading this on someone else's FB wall...because you love THEM...BUT PLEASE GIVE....$5 is all that i am asking that you donate! IF you can give more PLEASE DO!! IF you were planning on donating to US this month...PLEASE DO NOT but instead give it to Shannon's dossier!!! I LOVE this woman and her daughter that much!!! PLEASE ...i cannot beg enough..PLEASE give $5 TODAY and let's get this $3200 out of the way in the next FIVE days!!! PLEASE, will YOU join me????

Let's hope that i can do this right...here is her blog....please go there now to donate!


Love, Connie (ALWAYS BLESSED!!!!) for the crew


  1. I assume you are updating regularly on FB, but since I'm not on FB any longer I don't see those. Any chance you could do a new blog post. ;)