Friday, February 3, 2012

This past month - first chapter...uffda!

These past days have flown like crazy. We came home from being with Ethan and the jet lag hit me hard. My skin itched like crazy (still does) from my head to my toes! After around two weeks of checking my head, on a Wednesday night, i went to the laundromat and Sophina and i were about to leave i leaned over and a bug fell into Sophina's white blond hair! I grabbed it quickly and squished it and went on. (i think because of the stress of what had happened to our family three years before made me put it out of my mind because otherwise i went into shock) I had completely wiped it out of my mind by the time i got home and could have had Ally check me. The next night however, at 9:30pm, i remembered. I had Ally check and she saw two bugs...i ran to the bathroom and saw one in the mirror!!! Vika was checked....found one almost immediately....Catia next (i couldn't look) Ally found one in hers too. Yep, i went into immediate shock. You should have heard me. Complete monotone voice walking around like a zombie. For once, i had been ready for getting to bed i was still exhausted at that more to have that happen....

"Ok, we need to strip the beds, vacuum all the couches and chairs, wash a ton of laundry, and go through heads. The baby needs to go to bed. It is only me and Ally....ok..." I don't even remember how Holly T. knew about it but she called and said that she was coming over. I had called Bob and LeAnne to see if we could use their 'bug zappers' and she came and instead of dropping them off...she said that she was staying to help with a loving force that made me step back and listen! I was just so out of it!

LeAnne had brought TWO 'zappers' and so the two of us went piece by piece through the LONG hair of our girls and then she did mine....only to not find a single thing in any of our hair!!! THEN Holly came over and she went through the girls' hair tiny strand by tiny strand...NOTHING!!! Then Holly went through all of our hair again but this time with our oil concoction that i have given out to MANY people who have gone through this ordeal. STILL NOTHING!!!! I couldn't believe it! We KNEW lice at our house!

Three years ago, lice hit our house with a vengeance! I was pregnant with Sophina. All five of us females had it with one of us having it so bad that they were jumping out of the hair!!! It was LITERALLY weeks upon weeks upon weeks of laundering, going through box after box of every concoction possible then oiling our hair, picking and picking and picking then cutting hair that had been absolutely beautiful and LONG! Thinking that it was gone only to find another. I actually started spotting from the stress! Scott was home quite a bit at that time and then Bob and LeAnne would come over and help pick and pick with us! It was one of the hardest times of my life...i am not kidding!

THAT is why i totally believe that we were given a miracle!!! My head and body STILL itch like crazy but there has never been A THING found!!! We check often and now it has been weeks of checking with NOT A THING found!!! A miracle you ask....YES!!!! HALLELUJAH! A MIRACLE!!!!

We missed church because we still did treat it as if we really did have it by not being in public and vacuuming and washing but we didn't have to do it over and over...thankfully. Oh how i missed church! I couldn't wait for the next week!

The next week came and there was illness! I was sicker than a dog on a Thursday and i started a migraine almost immediately. I have had migraines every day and every night for a full year...i KNOW migraines. THIS one was the WORST migraine that i have EVER had! It was VERY long lasting. The pain of it was overwhelming BUT the nausea was WAY worse! Ally was in WI. helping to get ready for the youth retreat that weekend so the oldest person other than me was our 13 yr old. and she was FREAKED out. At one point, i couldn't even think straight and i thought that i was in big trouble. Looking back (and the nurse was VERY unhappy hearing what i told her the next day), i SHOULD have called someone but i wasn't thinking straight. I KNEW that i just needed to "lose" what was inside of me and i would be fine and sure enough...i lost a HUGE amount and sure enough...i was all better IMMEDIATELY! WEIRD! Yes, i was weakened but fine! OR so i thought....

Friday afternoon i took Vika and Ally to church for their trip to WI. for their youth retreat and went home. We had Bob and LeAnne over (as normal) that night and all was well. We had our amazing popcorn and had a wonderful time visiting and having conversation! Oh how i treasure their time at our home! ANYWAY, the next morning before i could even say a word...i. was. sick.
I got SO SICK that i couldn't sit!!! THEN it got even worse and i couldn't even walk! Remember the only other people in the house were Sophina and Catherine! UGH! It lasted all day long!!! SO again, i missed church the next day! OH HOW I MISSED the people, the music, and the teaching!

There is more that happened.......i will have to write again!


  1. My head is itching now just thinking about those bugs....thanks! LOL So glad God spared you that stress this time!!!!

  2. Just to clarify....LICE never happened....a miracle....never found a nit, never found a bug....NOTHING and it has been WEEKS since that night! I would NEVER go out in public if i thought that we had lice!!! I would NOT put a family through what we went through three years ago on purpose...NOT going to happen from us! Making sure that it is clear;)