Wednesday, February 15, 2012


For those of you who don't know us, you may go to the bottom of the page and i have a quick take on who we are and what we are doing!

A dear friend (along with her family and a friend) who has a heart overflowing for adoption & has gone WAY beyond what i can grasp by creating, making, sewing, and working hard on being ready for this sale! She is going to be giving ALL of the proceeds to our grant!!! (minus the fees for paypal, shipping, and Etsy) YES, so that means she is going to give TWO time in her time and effort of creating it and THEN by giving the money to our adoption grant!!! BLOWS.  MY.  MIND.  SO, are you ready to help?  NOTHING can happen unless YOU buy ;)

If someone wants to pay with check or cash or money order then there is no paypal fee! She is totally fine with that. If someone lives in the St. Cloud area and wants to arrange pick up or delivery with me or with Krista they can type in LOCALDELIVERY to the "coupon code" on etsy and there is no shipping charge.

 Also if someone has questions about an item- She put limited info on the items to get them up on the site quickly but she's more than happy to answer any questions!  GO and SHOP!!!  THEN PLEASE PRAY!!!

Scott and i have five daughters and one son-in-law!  We will have our 25th wedding anniversary THIS YEAR!  Our eldest daughter is twenty, our next is 17, then 13, then 11 and then an almost 3 year old and she has Down Syndrome.  Ethan and she will be fifteen days apart from each other!!!
Our daughter changed our lives and we found out that there are hundreds of families on waiting lists here in the states waiting for CHILDREN with DS!!!  HUNDREDS are waiting for babies with DS! We found out that there are HUNDREDS of children with DS in EE who are often malnourished, unloved and uncared for BECAUSE they have DS. We found a site called Reece's Rainbow and i was hooked...i have never cried so hard and so long for anyone.  I couldn't imagine a child like ours being unloved! I never dreamed that we would adopt but then the Lord brought us through an incredible journey of listening to His breaking heart and we finally said YES!
Ethan is in a most beautiful country in Eastern Europe!!! We were able to go on our first visit this past December...coming home on the 23rd.  He is amazingly handsome, cuddly, playful, and looks like our family even!!!  We are waiting on our final paperwork to be taken care of in his country so our attorney can go to court on our behalf and we can get our final dates to go and bring him home!  We are in need of @ $8,000 yet for our last fees and airplane tickets, hotel and food for our last trip!  We are praying that we will be able to bring home in April but are waiting to see what happens and PRAYING!
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  1. Excited that my girls can have new matching Easter dresses this year, and the money is going to a GREAT cause!! Love you!!

  2. Hi Connie!! it's your old old neighbor!! (Jamie)

    You will be in our prayers-what a wonderful journey God is taking you on!!

  3. OH Jamie!!! What delight and joy to see you again!!! Thank you!!!