Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An update of the happenings of TODAY!!!

Today has been SUPER busy!!!  I was cooking for almost eight hours making food to put in the fridge so i have half the work done for future meals that are coming up!  I even used a few of my Bulgarian spices!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!! SO good!!!  Made me think of Ethan and Bulgaria a LOT!!!  Praying for him, for Toni-our attorney, for our bed and breakfast friend who i was wishing was here to help me know how to cook something other then my just using the spices (oh how i would love to have her here to talk to and cook with!;)

Wanted to give those of you who don't use FB an update because it has been an exciting day!!!
Throughout the time since i last wrote this morning until about 4pm, the amount in Ethan's adoption grant was growing QUICKLY!!!  OH MY!!!  SO MUCH FUN!!!  Victoria, myself, or one of the girls....any one of us would check and see every once in awhile and we'd be so excited because it seemed that every time we would look the number would have gone up....sometimes by a HUNDRED and sometimes by TWENTY!!!  (we have no idea if it was ten people giving $10 or what) IT WAS THRILLING!
We have had ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS left on Ethan's adoption fees since 4pm.
We have saved money for this final adoption fee check to be written, plus we have the money that people donated while the etsy shop fund raiser was happening and then today and the etsy fund raiser itself....and that is all that is left....$145 !!!

We just need TEN people to be able to donate $15 or FIVE people to give $30 or whatever way that it can happen....we are just so close.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generosity in helping Ethan COME HOME!!! ( PLEASE keep praying for our family!  Several of us started in again with drippy noses and sore throats this afternoon)
ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew!

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