Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lord God, grow my faith!

This past week, the most extravagant gift of sacrifice that i have ever seen with my eyes happened, on our son's behalf! You can read it in our last post......seriously, if you don't know what has happened in this past week....stop and read the last post THEN come back for the 'rest of the story'.

I didn't tell anyone how much i had prayed for the etsy shop fund raiser to raise. I KNEW it was going to happen. THEN i wavered LATE last night!  I wondered if it could REALLY happen! I ALSO was completely overwhelmed with the fact that what i was really asking for was for these friends of mine to donate THAT much money THEMSELVES!   THIS, after they had paid for the materials and put in the was a lot of money that they had invested -have you looked at the cost of fabric lately????? Then there are different colored threads, needles, bobbins, upkeep, and i don't really know what else! I can guarantee though that it is NOT cheap!!!  I then didn't WANT them to give us THAT rude to be praying for that much! I was assaulted with doubt!  I had prayed that this etsy fund raiser would raise $1500!!!  Last night...well, this 'morning' we were right around $1000. THAT took SIX DAYS!!!

Krista's attitude is... the most selfless attitude i have ever met.  I know a lot of people that have other qualities that are "the most that i have ever met" but if you were to ask me who was SELFLESS - she would be the one that would come to mind!  WHY?  She doesn't make this a big deal at all!!!  She is not acting like i now 'owe' her or anything else. She is humble.  She was kind to EVERYONE who wrote her with questions and she did SO MUCH above and beyond what was even in her store!!!  She is not one who is going to look for a pat on the back but i am praying that you will let her know how grateful you are for what she did.  Also, will you PLEASE PRAY for her business to be blessed one hundred fold!? Yep, one hundred fold!  I am praying that she will be covered in blessings with her business!

There were others who gave GENEROUSLY too....Angel Larson is the one who donated ALL of those beautiful hair clips...yep, Grandma Lindquist made sure that Sophina will be sporting some beautiful ones!!!  Another mother who is using her talents and her time and her resources for the cause of the orphan.  These ladies LOVE the orphan and are in charge of our orphan ministry at our church!  Calvary Community Church is learning to love orphans because these women have taken ACTION!
THEN early this morning, i saw that there were even MORE people who had given...some that i don't even know who it was! SO GRATEFUL!!!

THOSE OF YOU WHO PRAYED!!!!!  OH MY!!!  Thank you!!!  Do you believe in the power of prayer to Jesus Christ our Lord?  Well, do you believe that Jesus Christ is mighty?  The prayers of the righteous......thank you to those of you who stopped what you were doing and took time to PRAY.... Dear God, i pray for this....... THANK YOU!!!  May i tell you that i CRAVE knowing that there are people who are REALLY PRAYING DAILY for our Ethan, our family, our transition that is coming, our finances that are needed, our HOPE to be kept, our encouragement to continue, etc..... How i value that gift!!! THANK YOU

Those of you who were BOLD and shared it on your FB posts! MANY were not able to, yet many of you did AND when you DID---OH MY!!! People bought!!! They saw the incredible prices and the adorable items that were there and they LOVED the shop!  I pray that they will continue to SHOP there!!! SO many of you shared very grateful!

Those of you who bought....oh my goodness! Especially TODAY!!!  WOW!!! Thank you so much! Thank you for getting excited and loving the items! Thank you for talking with me or with Krista! THANK YOU!!!

BUT God......who is rich in his mercy toward sinners....of which i am definitely one!!!  BUT God... who loves with an everlasting love...even when i disobey and come back AGAIN...HE FORGIVES!!!  BUT God...who amazes me with his extravagant husband, our children.... including our son and son-in-law even when i doubt of His faithfulness....he shocks me with His grace and adds a cherry on the top just because....He loves me!  Jesus' sacrifice for me blows my mind!  His generosity is amazing!

He was amazing! My friends and their families were amazing!  You all were amazing who prayed, SHARED, gave and were INVOLVED!!! Do you want to know what happened?
Did we make the amount that i had prayed for?

Krista's etsy shop raised $1558.97!!!!!  GOD ROCKS as He lead people to give and YOU guys ROCK as you obeyed!!!
We also had people giving to our tax deductible Reece's Rainbow grant fund for Ethan this week and that was $216!!!  For a total of $1774.97!!!  We are ever closer to reaching our $5250!!!  Those are our last adoption fees that need to be paid!!!  We are SO absolutely thrilled with the help that this week has been for our Ethan!  I will be checking to see how close we are to being able to write out a check.
(i don't like it that i have to explain this but i do....the total amount that is in our RR grant that is showing right now is NOT correct.  They sent us the grant money that we had in it when we went on our first trip...BUT it does NOT get taken off of the total that is showing. Ethan really only has $846 in his total grant right now.  SO....the total is $2404.97 that has been raised!  We need to write out a check ASAP for $5250....i am praying that it will be under two weeks!!!

PLEASE #2 Tell Krista, her children, her mother, Angel and the others...THANK YOU!!!
PLEASE#4 Pray for our Ethan to stay safe, the MOJ to sign papers, for our family's transition!!!
PLEASE#5 Pray for our needed funds to cover our $5250 adoption fees will be raised SOON!!!
PLEASE#6 THANK GOD for what has ALREADY happened!!!
We are ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie (Ethan's mommy)

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