Friday, February 10, 2012

Time of prayer and fasting....

FEBRUARY 14th is going to be a day where quite a few of us parents who have children in BG are going to be praying and FASTING for our children....for their safety, for warmth, for the weather to make it so the families can go and see their children who are often in remote places in high foothills, and very specifically for the Ministry of Justice to start signing paperwork that needs to be signed. WILL YOU JOIN US? PLEASE let me know...i can not fast from food as i would get a horrible migraine SO i am going to fast from FB.....the day before our new fund raiser....yep, can't lie...that is going to be hard!!! BUT nothing could be harder than not getting to see our children due to waiting for signatures or weather to clear. Will YOU please fast and pray with us on VALENTINE's DAY and if you have plans with your honey then have it be from something else that will make you remember to pray ALL throughout the day! Thank you and again...please let me know if you will be joining us
ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie (Ethan's Mommy) for the crew

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