Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have had quite a few occasions to be told of people giving HUGE amounts of money in this past month.  One big amount went directly to an orphan who is STILL needing a was over $5,000!!!  Another to a family who is already adopting ....$15,000!!!!  Another family $4,000!!!  Families receiving BIG HELP from families who could have used that money for a new car or a better car OR they could have put it into their savings account for those upcoming days that may happen...just to be SAFE! INSTEAD, they stepped out in FAITH and GAVE SACRIFICIALLY!
This made me ask....i wonder what my friends are doing with their tax returns?  Are YOU giving an offering from that?  If you are then may i tell you to not forget these orphans that are waiting for families to adopt them! There are children who may LITERALLY die because they are not in the care of a family.  Just yesterday i read of a family who is WILLING and WANT to bring a needy child into their home but they cannot because of the huge amount needed.  They WANT to step out in faith and care for the least of these but cannot because of money.
THEN there are families....i gave you THREE just last week that are in the process of adopting....they NEED HELP!  Would YOU be willing to give of your tax return.... put in a donation for Charity...not charity but her name is Charity! ;)  Her family needs help!
Then there is Charlotte...her mom is with her right now but has to come back home one more time...she will be coming home on the 15th of this month. She goes back to bring Charlotte home on St Patrick's Day!!!  They need the final few thousands of dollars yet.  No more chances to "win" anything but the knowledge that you helped a family!!!
Then, my dear friend, Mandy and their soon to be boys...Samuel and Joseph! There are necklaces that you could buy for friends or you could just give to help...straight up!!!
Look back a couple of posts here and you will find their blogs so you can GIVE to help them!!!
ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie (Ethan's Mommy) for the rest of the crew
PS OH and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not forget a blog or two before that one where i talk about Shannon with her Shannon Jr.....they are going to their first visit SOON and are in great need too!!!

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