Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ethan's Birthday...his third in an orphanage

Our sweet boy is having another birthday in an orphanage! UGH! My heart! He may not even know that it IS his birthday....but his Mommy does :(  I see him.....feel him in my arms....smell him....hear his amazing laugh and my eyes ache...my arms ache....my nose and ears ache to have our son HOME!!!

This past week the most extravagant gift that i have ever been given outside of God's gifts to me....is being given.  Krista, her children and her mother along with our friend Angel are donating not only their PRECIOUS TIME (BOTH of them are mothers of young children so TIME is almost worth more than money) BUT they also then are giving all of the items that they had worked on.... AWAY.... completely giving the money from it to our Ethan's adoption tonight!!! Keeping nothing for themselves!!!

I helped promote the sale that they did for Constance last year....a LOT, but even with all of my promoting i still didn't FULLY 'get it'!!! THEY GAVE IT ALL .....ALL of their profit!!! Not only one time....to Constance but now this week they are giving it to Ethan! Do YOU 'get it'????  Have you taken TIME in these six+ days of the fund raiser to think about what they have done and ARE DOING TODAY!!??? (the etsy sale ends TONIGHT at 9pm) I am asking that you DO take time right now....on Ethan's birthday! I want to give that extravagantly!

I was praying for $1500 to come in this week and i am almost sure that the $1000 has come in in the six days of their etsy shop sales!  BLOWS MY MIND!!!  I STILL believe that the $500 will come into Ethan's account!

We have to write out a check for $5250 ASAP for our last adoption fees. I would say that Krista, her family and Angel have done their part!!!  ((although Krista told me that her prayer was that every dress would be sold in this week (there are ten left) and i LOVE it that her children even made things....SO i would LOVE to see the incredible water colors be sold (her daughter created them) and then...i went and looked under almost all of the items just now...there were more families that gave to this than i even realized (as i know that they must have asked to be anonymous) AND if you see Shotsi Granny on items-oh she did SO much and she doesn't even know me!!!)) AMAZING generosity!  What a wonderful gift they are giving to Ethan and to end it on his birthday....GOD DID THAT!!! Krista didn't even know!

SO we are in need of $4250 ASAP (with the sales from the etsy shop included)....if you would like your gift to be tax deductible, you may give at our Reece's Rainbow DONATE button here on our blog!  TODAY, in celebration of Ethan's 3rd birthday....i would LOVE to be able to finish his adoption costs!!! i would love for Krista to be overwhelmed by how much has sold but i also would love to see Ethan's Reece's Rainbow grant grow on his birthday!!! Will YOU be willing to donate extravagantly? Some of you already have and we SO appreciate that!!! THEN, will you PLEASE PRAY!? We cannot wait to bring our little one home so all of you who HAVE given, PRAYED, and helped be a part of this will see what the fruits of your labor are!!!!
We are ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew

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