Tuesday, February 7, 2012


When Scott and i were in Ethan's country....a BEAUTIFUL country, it was absolutely wonderful weather.  The temps were in the 30's and 40's. When we were in Ethan's orphanage visiting him, they would bring him down from wherever he was at into the one of two rooms that we were allowed in.  The first day we were there, they made sure that we kept the door shut as they had it so warm in our 'visiting room'. If they would have only known that we keep our house at 65 degrees! (not the 'typical' American family's temperature setting)  Our precious Ethan was brought to us with a coat or a vest coat on almost every day. THEN they would take his coat off once he was in 'our room'. After they saw that we had taken off sweatshirts, then our long sleeve shirts, that first afternoon they turned down the temp....a little. That afternoon our son was dressed in a coat but under that coat was a wool flannel button down long sleeve shirt, then a turtle neck, then two shirts under that PLUS he had on heavy tights under his corduroy overalls!! Because i loved that outfit so very much, they put it on him again the next morning so he could have that be his visa picture outfit! LOVE <3 Thankfully, every day they turned down the temp a little more each time. I did NOT want them to waste their heat on us!  I wanted the heat to be saved for those precious 38 children!
When we got out of the van the first day, i immediately searched for the children outside because i could hear them as if they were playing out in the beautiful sunshine. They weren't BUT i could hear them as if they were right there.  By the end of the week, i had counted over a dozen windows that looked like they were covered in such a way that must have been how we were hearing the children.  The last day, as our van was leaving the orphanage, i looked back and i strained my neck to watch the orphanage way up on the hill and it appeared that there were windows that were missing or were covered in such a way that it didn't have a glass pane.  The windows on that side of the building were dark so i assumed that they must not use that side of the building and they must close it off. I have no idea for sure. i DO know that our orphanage was a nicer orphanage.

I don't know if you have paid attention to the weather in the Eastern European countries but they have been hit VERY hard with cold weather and snow that is now flooding in areas.  Our little sweetheart, along with hundreds and even thousands of other little ones are living in orphanages that are probably not funded highly and heat is a HUGE blessing that may be rare.  Many of these children are in poor health or are low in weight and so this kind of weather is VERY VERY scary for our children and the children who are waiting for a family to claim them as their own.

Will YOU PLEASE PRAY specifically for our son Ethan? Pray for his health as we do not want him even getting a cold as they said that his breathing is not great already due to his "third tonsil".  Before we went to him, they told us that they would not want Ethan to have any kind of respiratory issues as that could not be good for him and could even be serious.
Will YOU PLEASE PRAY for the orphans of Eastern Europe? Will YOU PLEASE PRAY for the children who are waiting for their families to come and bring them home? I know of SO MANY who are just waiting for their last visit from their mommy and daddy so they can go home.  PLEASE pray for the people that work with our children in EE from the orphanage workers to our attorney and her team who are experiencing weather that is NOT helpful to these precious little ones and makes their job even more stressful.

How i covet the prayers of the righteous on behalf of these sweet treasures! I am ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie (Ethan's Mommy) for the rest of the crew


  1. Praying Connie. Praying you get to go back soon and get him and praying for homes and comfort for those that have to be left behind.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. Many prayers for those sweet treasures! God loves them more than the birds of the air and the flowers of the fields....they are taken care of!!!!