Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter two.....uffda

When Scott and i got home from seeing Ethan we were tired but we knew that we only had those two days to get the paperwork done...Christmas Eve and Christmas. We whipped through and worked hard and made copies and worked on it until the very last minute...literally! Scott has never cut it so close.
I sent the paperwork to the USCIS and was thrilled that we were finally DONE!!! What i found out days later was devastating....i had sent ALL of the paperwork to the USCIS when we should have sent only HALF of it to the USCIS and the other half to Ethan's country!!! It was too late and there was nothing that i could do but WAIT....another FIVE and one-half WEEKS!!! IT KILLED ME!!!

We also found out that our medical paperwork had been done incorrectly. I guess that the date is supposed to be written in the European way (it IS written under the line but NONE of us saw it!!!) not the American way. SO, when my Dr. wrote that she had seen me she put the date as 10/06/11 SO in Ethan's country they saw it as 6/10/11....outdated dates then!!!! Oh my goodness! I was about to lose it....after all that had gone on physically and now this! I had one of the biggest struggles of my flesh to trust the Lord with His timing that i have had so far on this journey! OH how hard this was!!! I finally allowed myself to not only KNOW that God knew what was going on but to FEEL that God knew what was going on and that He knew best! HE sees the WHOLE picture...i don't!

I had one friend who knew ALL of what was going on...MORE than what i am telling here and way harder things then what i can share here. She told me that i needed to get a full physical and find out what in the world is going on. She prayed for me, she encouraged me, and she loved me through all of these very hard things! i thank God for her!

I had the appt. on Wednesday of this week and according to my Dr. i am just fine;) Just getting old...hee hee! Probably had a bad virus that caused the two illnesses. He did a whole bunch of tests too. I got hit with the jet lag for those first two weeks and my body probably was in an easier position to catch 'bugs'...NO PUN intended;) Waiting on a couple of tests yet but so far they have called and all is well and they are not concerned at all. I didn't think so BUT i do have to say that it was nice to KNOW!

Ok....backing up. The Monday, after that second Sunday that we missed, we left for Scott's parents house...without Scott;) It was a wonderful time of watching the grandparents with Sophina and the girls! THEN we went down to my Mom's house for our FIRST Christmas of the season! Yep, it was mid-January! It was a WONDERFUL weekend! We missed another church service though and oh how i was feeling like we had been gone for MONTHS! The time together with family was VERY sweet though!

Monday, we had home school group. We had come home very late on that night before and we were exhausted. It WAS however, wonderful to SEE people i hadn't seen for such a long time. We barely had time to unpack, do laundry, etc....when Scott came and we got him in the van and went back up to his folks this past weekend for his family's side for Christmas! It was another WONDERFUL time of hauling wood, eating great food and watching Sophina be absolutely HILARIOUS 'running' from present to present to help open everyone's gifts! Oh MY WORD...there is no way to describe how funny she was!!! She was SO LOUD in her was as if she was pulling cement out of the gift bags and mortar off of the boxes! LOADS of giggles and laughter!

We came home and IMMEDIATELY started unpacking and organizing and then PAPERWORK! Monday we had a field trip for the two girls then we worked FURIOUSLY on our paperwork...nail biting times and finally getting it all is now about to get on an airplane to fly over to our attorney!!!! The relief is overwhelming! We are praying that it is the end of the paperwork until he is home (then we have MORE paperwork).

I cannot wait to be in church this see our home church has been SO VERY VERY LONG!!! I don't know how people do it without a church family! I miss shaking hands, i miss giving hugs, i miss the conversations...that gathering of the saints (who are not saints at all -just forgiven people who are now saints due to their repentance of those sins and Jesus' forgiveness)!

THis has been WAY long overdue....another quick chapter will be following this one....ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie

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