Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter THREE- dire needs

There are MANY MANY reasons why i haven't written but one of them is that there are just SO MANY OTHERS who are in GREAT need and it has been week after week after week. SO i just kept putting it off and off and off. I have already put up a blog about my dear friend Shannon for her Shannon! Thank you so much for all of you who helped her out! They could still use help if you would like. I am going to give you three for this next week though. These three are in desperate need! First is Kelly ...they are leaving in just a few days and are in need of thousands of dollars yet before they can bring home Charlotte. Kelly is the lady who brought our paperwork to DC for us without even knowing who we were!!! They have an incredible way to have a chance at winning some amazing things with your donations at.... but THAT is not why we give!

Second, there is Deanna who is bringing home Charity...they were hit hard with some unforeseen financial hits and are going to be needing their money very quickly as their country goes VERY VERY fast! Charity is a little girl that we have prayed HARD for since the VERY FIRST week that we found out about Reece's Rainbow! There isn't anyone that cheered louder than our family when we saw our friend say that they were the family adopting Charity!!! (ok...i KNOW that we don't know that for sure but i am not kidding when i say that we were LOUDLY CHEERING!!!!) Another CHANCE at receiving..... from your donation BUT again...NOT the reason that we give.

Third, well i have talked about this friend a LOT! Her name is Mandy and they are adopting Joseph and Samuel. She is near and dear to my heart! She is an incredible woman of God who is more like Christ than most twice her age! They will SOON be getting their dates to go and BRING HOME their two boys from the same country as our Ethan! They are still in need of thousands also. Mandy has a friend who is giving a HUGE portion of her earnings to Mandy's fact, $25 goes to help fund the boys' adoption for every necklace sold. Go to her blog.... and follow the instructions of how to order your necklace for your Valentine or for yourself! They are BEAUTIFUL!

Yes, i know that we still need around $8,000-$10,000 yet....there have been SO MANY who are in greater need...their money is needed sooner and some have even more needed than we do! IF you are able to help a family who is adopting....PLEASE help one of these three OR ALL of these three!!! Our day our need will come soon enough but it is STILL not now. PLEASE PRAY and then give generously to these families!
ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew

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  1. Oh Connie, thank you so much. You are such a selfless individual and are such a good example of Christ's Love for all of us flawed human beings. Thank you for your tender heart and faithful friendship. I love you!