Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BLOWS MY MIND...such generosity!

In exactly one week from today we have been given an opportunity to have a HUGE fund raiser!  I couldn't  sleep last night due to my thoughts screaming through my brain as to the generosity of this dear friend....BLOWS MY MIND!!!  It makes me wonder if i could ever do such a thing for a friend....WOW!  I haven't even told my hubby or even most of the kids ;)  Every day i will add a little more to what it is going to be but i pray that you kick this to the moon!!! I pray it will rock our world and my friend's with your generosity! Her generosity well, i am going to say it blows my mind!!!  Keep reading and i will keep telling more!
Until then, will YOU PLEASE PRAY for this upcoming fund raiser? Will YOU PLEASE PRAY for our Ethan and our family?  Transitions, travel, preparation, etc.....
ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie (Ethan's Mommy) for the crew

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