Thursday, June 28, 2012

One of the best days ever

This day has been chalk FULL of wonderful blessings and to be honest some REALLY hard moments too but i am going to ignore them today. From the beginning of our day to the end of my day there were....AMAZING blessings!!! Instead of going in order of importance, i will try to go in order of our day.
This morning, BECKY CAME HOME!!!  Becky is our PCA who was in Ghana on a missions trip for five weeks.  She was even twenty minutes early so we got her here even longer!  She got to hear Sophina yell in delight,  "....Ecky!!!!!"  SO wonderful!  THEN the door was opened again and there stood a man in our church with a bag of homemade donuts in his hands! It was SO good to see him again.  Just SO thoughtful!!!  Then i took the girls to VBS and came back...being able to let Ethan sleep...he has NEVER slept so late as he did this morning AND i didn't have to worry about it since Becky was here!  SO, i got to drop off our kiddos and the neighbors' son without having to wake up Ethan! THEN, the door was opened AGAIN!!!!!  When it rains blessings it tends to happen all in one day for us :)  THIS time it was ANOTHER man...letting me know that he was here to mow our lawn (which was literally going to seed in back).  This is another man from our church who has a selfless heart and wanted to help!  His wife is just as selfless and has been a HUGE part of our VBS for many years!  THEN, Becky and i went on my morning walk with the was VERY late AND i, for only the second time, decided to add on some extra 'footage' to our walk and went to the cemetery. IF we would not have gone there and NOT been late THEN i would NOT have ran into my former boss whom i haven't seen in many months WHO was driving by at that exact moment that we got onto the MAIN road by our house!  OH! It was so fun to see him and him to see the kids!
Here is a random paragraph of great blessings!!!  Today, I got SOME groceries that i finally just HAD to take the time to get and DID!  Woohoo!  My hubby has a job that pays for those groceries!!!  One of my favorite people in the world found out that they got their court SO that means a date should be coming soon!!!!  I got to talk out a hurt that i had been feeling and got it taken care of with a person that i love and care about!  WOW!  That felt good and healthy!
Ethan signed that he was sorry BEFORE we had to show him to sign it!!!  He also 'said' it too!  He also did that yesterday to me!  I got to talk to my mother today for a few minutes.  I got to talk to our eldest daughter today for a few minutes. I got to talk to my husband for a big chunk of my walk with just the two kiddos tonight (i am sure that people were wondering why i was talking about such deep topics with two little three year olds as i had to have Scott on speaker phone! HA HA!)  Sophina has done a 'better job' at eating this past week....she has been struggling as i have been adding 'texture' to her meals by crumbling up Club whole wheat crackers or Graham Crackers into her breakfast...she HATES that BUT she is hardly ever gagging this week and THAT is HUGE!!!
The finisher is just amazing and i think that it will actually make some of you cry!  Just! blew! my! mind!!!  When we were putting the oils onto Ethan tonight, like i have done since we have brought him back to the hotel in his country's capitol, he was not 'crazy and wild' acting....he was wonderfully close to almost calm!  It was not the entire time rather only toward the end but it was the closest to us ever having the body massage be a bonding time instead of just a way to get his body calmed down so he could go to sleep!!!  The 'calmness' has never been WHILE i have been doing the massage.  THEN Catherine carried him up to the doorway of the room (like we always have the kids of them carries him up just to the doorway while i get his bed situated and his blankets ready THEN i take him from them at the doorway where they say 'goodnight') and i then did my get-ready-routine.  I took Ethan and sat into the rocking chair like i always do and we heard Catherine say her goodnight like always....what is NOT like always was Ethan's response.....HE IMMEDIATELY and SWEETLY SAID, "nigh night"!!!  Catherine was SO excited and did the natural response.... "Aaaaawwwww" and left but that wasn't even the best part!!!  Then, he was COMPLETELY calm while i sang.  Almost as soon as i started, HE started singing WITH ME!!!  Oh my goodness!  It wasn't his 'typical screamo song' but rather it was melodic and beautiful!  THEN, i went to pray and USUALLY when i say, "Ok, it is time to pray" and then fold my hands...he gets agitated.  I was waiting for that response BUT was wondering if it would be different tonight AND. IT. WAS!!!!!  GET THIS!!!  He folded his hands over mine!!!  He would take it away BUT he would bring it back until i was done!  Oh my goodness....just about made me feel like i WAS in heaven!!!  NOT. DONE. YET!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!?!?!?!?
I usually rub his hands as i put oils on them and he tends to like it.  (thanks to Karri i am now taking more time to THINK about using that more as massage than just rubbing his hands)  When i finished rubbing his hands he made a smacking sound with his lips and put his left hand onto my lips!  i kissed it and he took down his left hand and sweetly put it against his right hand and his left hand came right back up to my lips as he made the 'smack' sound....i did it again trying hard not to giggle in delight, he put his hand to his other hand again and repeated this one more time THEN he CHANGED HANDS!!!  He put his right hand up to my lips and had me kiss it!  He did it a couple of times and then it was done!  BUT HE WAS NOT DONE MAKING MY NIGHT AMAZING!!!!  Oh i can hardly stand it i am so excited that i get to tell you all about this night!
SO, i thought that i would take a risk and for the final songs see if i could have him cradled in my arms.  At first, for only a few seconds, he whined and wiggled and then....he just cuddled and stayed in this 'new calm' that i was in awe of!  I have no idea what or if i did anything differently but MAN, i wish that i would know what happened!!!  SO, i sang to him looking him right into his eyes (in the dark) and he responded with the same tenderness and sweetness...singing sweetly with me.  THEN, i sang my final i made up, "Jesus, DaddT, Mama....Jesus, DaddT, Mama....we love Ethan"  and as i sang....HE SANG little bits of the words with great detail on the "Mama" word!!!  HE WAS SINGING WITH ME!!!!!  LITERALLY!!!
MY NIGHT WAS OUTSTANDINGLY AMAZING!!!!!!  I am ALWAYS BLESSED but today....oh my word....i was over the top EXCESSIVELY blessed!!!


  1. Just beautiful!! What wonderful blessings! (((HUG)))

  2. No words... just :)