Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our family adventures-UFFDA!

OUR ALLY IS HOME!!!! Man, i LOVE her and OH how i MISSED her!!!

Scott found a vehicle to drive back to work tonight!!! Yep, he bought it!

Ethan drank a few sips of water tonight out of our Lizzie's bottled water.....which is more than he has had total in MANY MANY hours. He is eating his hot cereals still AND HATES it that i keep adding fruit sauces to them OR anything else that could be anywh

ere CLOSE to a liquid.

We got to celebrate by eating a DQ cake with our WHOLE family together for about fifteen minutes to sing Happy 50th Birthday to Scott!!!!

1) Ally is exhausted as she has lost a FULL 24 hours of a day so she is in need of rest and restoration
2) Ethan NEEDS to eat and DRINK.....i literally am FORCING in food and as much of what is considered liquid into him but it is EXTREMELY stressful on the entire family to be a part of, to hear and to watch
3) Scott going back to work on his 50th birthday...PLEASE pray that he is encouraged
4) Sophina would improve on her eating and drinking as it is still a fight but there IS improvement
5) There is SO MUCH that is needing to be done and i am in need of wisdom, energy, strength, use of time, ability to do what needs to be done and who to help when! SO i am in need of a covering of prayer support BIG TIME!

Thank you so much to those who DO pray for us as we keep having our adventures! We are ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew

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