Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last night at home....NOT GOOD!!!

Well, it will be interesting to see what our day is going to be like because yesterday was FULL and i mean FULL of sleep!!!  I got to have time with Sophina and we got to have fun watching the Olympics with Becky!
I had put Ethan down at 1pm and again he wouldn't swallow his med SO he fought being able to sleep for TWO HOURS due to his not being able to breathe well.  He would cough and cough (just like in the hospital BUT he wouldn't swallow that med that now i am sure was mostly mixed with mucus. THEN at 3pm (after Becky and i had watched this 'fight' on the video), he just crashed and slept REALLY WELL!!!!  You could just SEE his relaxation...his body was finally getting rest.  Well, 6pm came and i went up to check on him physically and he didn't budge even though all the other times he would just be done with his nap as he is a VERY light sleeper.  SO, i thought that maybe he should just sleep since that brings healing.  THEN, it was 7pm and i had just kept on watching his breathing and by that time it was a major part of our conversation.  I went up again and THIS time, i rubbed his back over and over again.....he was OUT!  His breathing was fine and so was his color.  We decided to just let him sleep!!!!!  AND. HE. DID!!!!!
I was exhausted by the time the Olympics were done (exhaustion was from the night's/nights before of little sleep) and i couldn't wait to hit the bed!!!  I thought that i should see if i could get Ethan to wake up so i could get him liquids AND at least one med.  He woke up and the first thing i gave him was my white chocolate pudding with his med and again it went in just fine BUT again.....he immediately started sounding rattily like he did in the hospital that time at 4am/5am.  I was not surprised when the respiratory nurse at that time said that he was filled with junk in his throat and not his lungs.  It happened again that next night when Susan was there.  It has happened every time at home BUT last was. beyond. bad. 

At the hospital when Ethan would go down to the low 70's the nurse would ask me if i could see the blueness around his nose and i wouldn't.  Last night, i saw the blueness around his nose AND he did what he used to do before the surgery....he stopped breathing, twice.  Yep, just about did me in.  We called our NICU/PICU nurse neighbors twice while we were in the heat of it as i had Sophina asleep in one room (as it was so late, they were asleep, i am sure) and Vica (who is fearful of being alone at night) here awake as she was the one helping me (after we had watched the Olympics)......i wasn't going to bring in all of us to the ER at now midnight and find out that there is nothing that they could do to make him swallow.  

I kept trying to get Ethan to drink his juice so he would swallow more of the med.  The only way that i can explain it to you know how your kids can't swallow a pill those first tries when they are little OR like my girls....even after being older and trying over and over and over and over and that pill is STILL there?  Well, THAT, in Ethan's capability of learning how to get more food????? IDK, is what he does when he doesn't like something.  He has done this since we got him at the hotel almost three months ago....we just didn't know that he could also do this with LIQUIDS in the back of his throat!!!!!

The good thing is.....ETHAN DRANK!!!!  He drank LOTS!!!!  His cup is in the room now but i am sure that he drank @ 170 mls of JUICE!!!!  THAT, thrilled me!!!  After about an hour of frantic prayers for wisdom and dousing him with oils that were supposed to help, i knew that he was doing what he had done at the hospital and WHEN he was doing that....they said that there is nothing that i can do....he just has to swallow or cough it OUT!  He was doing neither.  Many times he HAD coughed it OUT thus losing his meds and thus the reason why many times his meds wouldn't last him BUT this time....he wouldn't get it out.

If we wouldn't have gone through all that we did at the hospital and if i had not had the past almost three months with him .....seeing what he sleeps like and how he breathes and how he holds his food/liquids/meds....i would have had NO DOUBT about taking him in last night BUT since i knew that there wasn't anything that we could do.  Since, he WAS breathing back to what it was like when they were trying to get us home.....i put him into his crib and i collapsed into bed.

So, did you get this....he was put into bed at 1pm yesterday for his nap.....wouldn't get to sleep until 3pm BUT didn't wake up until MOMMY woke him up to get him meds, 'food' and juice at 11:15pm and then went back to sleep at @1am and is STILL asleep now!!!!!  His breathing is still not where i would like it to be but it is what i am used to and he is back to sleeping sitting up (the past two nights). i can't wait for our 1:20pm appointment to see what is going on.

PRAYING for our son to start swallowing IMMEDIATELY with his liquids and after CHEWING his food....this cannot be good for his throat back there.  PLEASE pray that he will start eating and drinking again and that he will have a desire for it. Please PRAY that this immense sleep is bringing healing!!!  He screams a LOT from frustration and anger and did so intensely the day after (or was it the day OF the surgery) SO i AM thrilled that he is sleeping and resting that throat!  PLEASE PRAY FOR HEALING!!!
ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew
ps  THIS is why i cried quite often when thinking that they were doing this surgery in Bul*aria.....i couldn't imagine our son laying in a crib in a hospital with NO ONE to comfort him....NOW, seeing what he has gone through, the nurses and i would say over and over again....they would have had to have strapped him down completely.  Over and over again, i would say....i just am so thankful that they decided AGAINST doing the surgery there and letting Ethan wait until he was here......our son has been held for HOURS and HOURS and has been comforted and sung to and prayed over and LOVED intensely through all of this!  I am just praying that he knows that his family LOVES him!!!!

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