Monday, July 30, 2012

WE ARE HOME!!!! We left the hospital at NOON EXACTLY

I apologize for the past few entrances to my blog being in poor coloring as i have just been taking it from my FB wall and posting it here and being that i was so busy, i didn't even take time to check it.  I will try harder to take the time to check it out first!

Finally able to relax! It has been a busy day from the moment we stepped into our house. LeAnne dropped in here helping with cleaning up and laundry. Ethan has had an OK day/night. He drank a little and ate a little BUT he POOPED one of the five worst poops he has ever had! WELL, he hadn't pooped for 2 1/2 days SO i gave him some prunes/juice....let's just say it worked VERY quickly!!!He wreaked STILL EVEN after twenty wipes and six washes in the tub...SO i used a LOT of baby powder and he STILL just don't want a Bulgarian boy to miss his pooping a day! HA! I'm sure that it is a good thing that Lizand Nate and Scott and Ally weren't here even though i would have loved the help....they i am sure are relieved that they weren't! WOWZA!

Ethan was obviously still in pain! He was frustrated because he WANTS food BUT it hurts more than it is worth to him. ANyone who has seen our Ethan eat KNOWS what a big deal that is. He is still holding his food and meds in the back of his throat and it is horrible for feeding him. I would say that 70% of the time, i was FORCING him to eat and then drinking....just can't do it! BUT he IS drinking enough. He IS eating enough....for NOW, but he DEFINITELY would NOT want to do this forever!

PLEASE do not think that we are not in need of prayer....Ethan is still not out of this. This was a VERY long day/night as it was just me at the time we walked in the door. THANKFUL for our Victoria learning to feed Sophina through all of this as that is looking like it will be needed for awhile. Ethan is eating worse than Sophina in that he has a HUGE fight and has had that kind of fight his whole life. He is known at the PICU as being "feisty and SO strong!!!!" and "he must have definitely had to live like this in order to survive".

Praying that Liz and Nate were able to have a night of time alone as they would come to the house at a very short notice. Our girls would not have been able to have stayed at home without them. We are so grateful!

PLEASE keep praying for our family. We are dealing with some tough stuff. PLEASE pray that Ethan will THIRST for liquids. PRAY that he will desire FOOD! PRAY that he will desire to be kind. PLEASE pray for me to have energy, compassion and a wisdom to know what to do and when to do it. PLEASE pray that Ethan's FEW times of bonding with me in the hospital WILL continue and grow!

THANK YOU ALL for going through this past almost full week at the hospital that was SO full of a roller coaster ride. God used it to allow me to learn more about our son that i would have maybe never learned or not learned for a long time! SO, i am grateful! We had some amazing nurses who had great hearts and minds AND even got to see people that i wouldn't have seen had we left after one night. God is the only One who knows exactly why but i TRULY think it is because i learned more about our son....even this morning (well, now, yesterday morning) at 1 something!!! It was amazing to learn more about our little boy...our son! I am ALWAYS BLESSED.....

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