Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surgery for Ethan on July 25th

Ethan will be having surgery on his tonsils, adenoids, and his ears in the morning....VERY early.  We will be there at 6:45am which means that more than likely he will be having his surgery around 8am but it will all really be up in the air until i get told as this is NOT an ER surgery.  I need to tell you though that just because it is not an ER surgery does NOT mean that i am not asking for your prayers or that it feels like it is no big deal.  I have learned in these last three plus years with Sophina and then becoming part of a HUGE family of people who have children with not only DS but also children who have been adopted internationally....that BAD things CAN happen medically EVEN with surgeries that are "simple"!
I will be by myself as Scott had to go back to work.  Becky will be staying with the other children while i will be spending the night at the hospital with Ethan for at least tomorrow night.  We just have no clue as to how Ethan's body will respond to ANYTHING medically speaking.  PLEASE pray for the surgical team, for all of the medical personnel and anyone that will be involved in Ethan's care!  We would also covet your prayers for myself as i have never been in this position...alone.  Pray also for Scott as he will be far away.  Please pray for our girls too...along with our son-in-law....to have peace about the whole thing.
We so appreciate your prayers for our whole family and this is no exception!  THANK YOU!  I am ALWAYS BLESSED....EVERY day.....no matter what!  Connie for the crew


  1. Just now getting online, at 2:30 - but I hope all went well this morning, that Ethan's recovery will be swift and successful, and that you are feeling great relief now.

    My young cousin from Ethan's country had this collection of surgeries soon after coming home (six years ago - where does time go??) and it made a huge and positive difference in both respiratory health and sleep, in addition to hearing. I hope Ethan's case will be similar.

    Sending best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE