Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another update

It looks as though Ethan should be going home. We will more than likely be going home in the morning!!!!  PLEASE PRAY THAT ETHAN WILL DRINK and EAT!!!  THIS IS HUGE!!!  He has already lost almost three pounds being here and i am sure that the next two weeks will also NOT be gaining weight!  Pray for his little body to recover and for his little self to feel better emotionally too!  THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!  ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie

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  1. Connie I am just catching up! We have been praying, but I had not been reading here! We've been so busy going up north, selling on ebay and fund raising! Yes! We would LOVE to see you! We're waiting for Tom to find out when he and Gabe will go back to BG any day now! Julius has a terrible cold. So we should wait until Ethan's 100%! Don't want Ethan to get sick now! (((HUGS)))