Saturday, July 28, 2012

Update on Ethan (still in hospital)

Our son is just waking up....Yep, it is nearing 9am! I woke up at a hospital room!!!! Yep, NOT used to that! He said, "uh-oh" and went back to sleep! As soon as he did....the alarm went off! HA!
THIS is the reason i came on though.....he is still in the same spot in the bed as he was when i put him in!!!!!! His sat alarms never went off and i stayed up an hour after he went to sleep to make sure he did well. Sats stayed in the 90's! SO SO SO thrilled!
Ok......that was written 45 minutes ago. He has had all kinds of things happen since then. His IV closed up and so now he HAS to eat/drink or we will be in trouble. He is NOT having anything to do with food or drink again. It took three of us to get him applesauce SO i don't think that is going over well. Although, with Sophina's food aversion, this is NOT a big deal to me OR to our Victoria (13 year old) or Catia (11 year old) SO they would know how to help me BUT the problem is is that then i will have TWO children to be doing that with. THe good part of us not having someone to help with Sophina is that Victoria is having to feed Sophina WAY more than she has ever done AND Sophina must sense that she is NEEDING to eat for HER. We are so excited that that has not been an issue at home.
Ethan is awake and is shaking again like yesterday morning and also like yesterday morning, he is lethargic BUT he has more of a kick than yesterday at least.
Just got to meet the son of a couple that i met at the Cafe Renaissance years ago. THey own the Short Stop (chicken place here locally) and their daughter has DS!!! I actually got to meet them as they found out that i was pregnant with Sophina (so that would be about four years ago) and they also talked to me when Sophina was born when i worked in between Sophina's PDA and her open heart surgery. Well, their son (who is 22) is here working as a first year RN!!!! He can't wait until he can come back to our room to have time with Ethan! What a blessing!
I am feeling VERY renewed and even if we DO have to stay another night....i was SO REFRESHED from my three lady visitors and prayer with our pastor over the phone that i think i will be able to handle it. The Lord knew what i needed and i am so grateful that these three ladies (who are busy people) took the time out for us!
Prayer requests: 1) That Ethan will EAT/DRINK!!!!
2) Pain management will happen
3) His sats will continue to remain in the 90's
4) That my girls will have FULL ASSURANCE that mom and dad love them and are here. Three years ago we were in the Cities with Sophina having open heart surgery and we were there for THREE WEEKS after being told that it should be one week. When she had issues in that April, the Dr told us that we were only going down to the Cities (with an order to leave immediately....even though we had four children at home SO the kids only had a few minutes notice that we were leaving them to friends. That visit turned into FIVE WEEKS!!!!! I only got to come home ONE TIME in that time period.....for the Saturday night to Sunday after lunch of Resurrection Sunday.) Our girls are doing ok but i KNOW that they are nervous about what is happening, especially because we are only a few doors down from when Sophina stayed here for a week BEFORE all of the rest of that.
For me to be strong and REAL and not allow emotions to overtake me through this. It has been a VERY lonely almost three months but I AM ALWAYS BLESSED!

PS  Elizabeth and Tom.....i would love to meet you if you are in the area for some odd just get a hug would be so cool!  Your messages have meant a lot!

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