Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ethan is STILL in the hospital

Today was a LONG day as Ethan went from great to sleepy(ing) to not eating/drinking to eating but not drinking and it hasn't changed. He hasn't drunk anything all night. He hasn't eaten since 6:30pm BUT he FINALLY ate and he ate about 35% of his food!

Right now, Ethan's throat is LOADED with junk and he coughs but it doesn't come out. He sounds like he did last night when his sats (oxygen levels) were at 70 to mid 80's. THIS is what our son has lived with for THREE years! THIS is maybe the way it will continue to be. I pray not. Oh, did i mention that he didn't go to sleep until about 11:30pm! UGH! No Melatonin....i KEEP forgetting to ask a Dr to give us the script for it so Ethan could sleep and we aren't allowed to bring in any meds from home. It has happened every time....if he doesn't get his oils OR if he doesn't get his Melatonin....
NO SLEEP! UGH! Praying that this will all be figured out and we can go home tomorrow. If we have to tomorrow, we will be putting him under with "laughing gas" that they now do on this floor and they will have to put in an IV. PLEASE PRAY with me that that won't have to happen. Our girls need me HOME!!!!

Liz and Nate have been at the house every night and Victoria has taken care of Sophina a lot and i heard Catherine was doing dishes!!!

I got a visit from Susan (our pastor's wife!!!) AND also from Brad who went after Myrtle for our Ethan! SO grateful for that as it is VERY VERY important for our son! HUGE!!! I made sure that nurses saw WHY i was SO excited!!

PS Ethan JUST went to is now 11:30pm so i can now lift up my phone to my ear but too bad my hubby won't be on the other side of it. Miss my family! LOVE that i had visitors! PRAY for our son! PLEASE!


  1. Oh how frustrating, and disappointing :( Praying. (((hugs)))

  2. Hi! Connie :o) (((HUGS))) I am so sorry to hear this. We are praying! The print on your post is hard to read, but I can see that Ethan needs more prayers.