Saturday, April 20, 2013

Had an interview with a woman from Ukraine

We had a VERY busy day today! We had LOTS and LOTS of snow to move, not only in our driveway but also our deck. Plus, i needed to get some food so we could actually HAVE those Swedish Meatballs that we were SUPPOSED to eat last night (but couldn't leave my house due to the amount of snow when i FINALLY had time to go get the potatoes and vegetables for the meatballs).
Lizzie had seen the meatballs on FB and had been dreaming of having them since last night SO i told her to come over for 'lunch'. Our lunch at our house is closer to 3 than it is to 1pm and today i was hoping for eating time to be 2pm BUT due to the fact that Sophina was REALLY struggling with eating this afternoon, we were late.
Also at about noon, i realized that i had set up a meeting with a lady who wanted to interview me about our two children with Down Syndrome. She was originally from Ukraine and i HAD been thrilled but i got a little panicked as my house was not ready and it was time for the twins to eat AND i was trying to get the food for the rest of us ready for our '2pm' eating!
Well, with a LOT of help from everybody....we did NOT eat at 2pm but at 2:25pm- i actually had to ask if we could start fifteen minutes late! NOT good! (the food however was AMAZING!!! Oh my should have heard us......we were noisy eaters! ;) )
As soon as i saw Alla, it was as if i was back in Bulgaria.....she was obviously from Eastern Europe (so beautiful) and her accent was just as beautiful. It was SO good to have her in our home! i LOVED it. I introduced her to our girls that were at the table. Then, I had a few bites left so i finished that in the kitchen and had our Lizzie talk with her since our Lizzie has been to Ukraine on multiple missions trips. Alla got to meet Sophina and Ethan too (later). She was in our home for over two hours. She heard lots about our family. She was in awe that our faith in Jesus Christ and that it would be one of the main reasons that would affect us so much that we would bring a little boy HOME. She was shocked as to what we do here at home. She just kept asking me about things and her interest was SO exciting. She is a very special lady whom i hope will come back to visit. What was fun was that we just told her about our daily lives and to see someone, outside of people that know us, see our lives brought us all a different perspective. It was refreshing and invigorating and fun and delightful!!!
It was also fun to see her face LIGHT UP when she met Ethan and then Sophina at the end of the interview. She even bent down to their level and spoke with both of them. She was so excited over the information that she had gotten from us.
Ethan seemed out of sorts while she was here (he was only with us for about fifteen minutes) AND after she left. I am still trying to figure out if it could have been from his meeting a woman who brought back memories or if it was just a hard night BUT things were definitely DIFFERENT for the whole rest of the night. Things that are not even typically an issue. What was interesting was that Ethan got "clingy", which is rare. He wanted MOMMY and ONLY Mommy to hold him and he started acting out. SO, she did get to see more than most people do but she seemed unaffected.
It is another case of being so frustrated that i can't KNOW what is going on in his head yet. He IS doing MUCH better with communicating for what he is wanting but it was not that kind of communicating that was needed. I think that it was more about 'emotions'. It is just a really hard part of being unable to figure out the needs of one's child so you can disrupt the stress that the child is feeling. It went on all night too so that is why i am wondering if it WAS a subconscious deal with hearing the accent again. hmmmmm......
So, this was our VERY unique day and was one of the most beautiful days to wake up to the scenery outside....just stunning creation from a Creator who LOVES humor :) I am ALWAYS BLESSED

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