Wednesday, October 17, 2012

God's miracles that we take for granted-NOT HERE, NOT TODAY

ANOTHER miracle?  I have never had a meeting where i know that it may be uncomfortable and come away from that said uncomfortable meeting feeling COMPLETELY at peace and having NO IDEA as to why.  MIRACLE!  I mean, COMPLETELY at peace with ZERO reason for the peace!
Then i came home and found out that Bonnie had a solution for our Ethan's destruction of his crib! She called me and let me know that she not only had the solution, she was willing to COME OVER TONIGHT and DO IT!!!  She is one of those who has been a blessing in our lives throughout our adoption of Ethan.  SO grateful.  YOU should see the crib too....just amazing!  What a gift she has and she used it for our family!  Have i mentioned that i am grateful!?
THEN, my phone rang AGAIN!!!  NOT a telemarketer either!  WOW!  It was Liz to tell me about an oil meeting where they would be giving me more information about know the info that i am eating up like crazy.  What was amazing was that she ENCOURAGED me as i told her how the oils were being used to help THREE of my friends.  She told me, WITH EMOTION, that i was a blessing to these three friends that i had just loved on.  No big deal BUT Liz told me that it was a blessing that i was putting on these people in more than just oiling their feet with the YL product.  I came away from that conversation feeling so wrapped in well, LOVE!  I felt cherished and as if i had a purpose that was valuable to others than my own family.  SUCH a blessing....more than she even knew.
THEN, my phone rang AGAIN!!!  THIS time, it was a call that brought me to tears as i heard a man from our church....i am weeping right now as only God knows how much this call meant, again, WAY WAY WAY more than he will ever know.  This was a call from a man that i have always greatly respected.  He called to tell me that for the past two weeks, the Lord has been laying our family on his heart.  You see, he has been reading a book that was about a VERY educated, highly smart family having a child with DS.  You see, this book had convicted this man in our church and TONIGHT, GOD asked him to call...TONIGHT!  OH MY!  GOD knows that my heart NEEDED this call TONIGHT!  I wept as i heard this man not say, I'm sorry BUT INSTEAD, WITH EMOTION, "i want to tell you that i have not done well with the way that i have treated you and Scott and your family.  I have not appreciated the 'crazy love' that you have had for not only your biological child with DS BUT THEN to go and bring home a child from another country who also has DS and i did not appreciate what you did.  I have not supported you in the way that i should have and i it was so wrong."  I wept and i gasp for a breath right here again!
GOD IS SO AMAZING, my friends, because GOD's TIMING is THE BEST!!!  It is NOT on MY terms, it is NOT convenient for me, it is RARELY when i think that it SHOULD be BUT GOD has just BLOWN my mind on this incredible day of blessings!  BLOWN ME AWAY!
To top it all off, my know, the one whom many (MOST) have not understood as to WHY God called us to have HIM as our son....well, (i am weeping again because it was another miracle in my life tonight) son, after all of the night time singing was done....i tried to see if he would "melt" into my body in a cuddling position that was COMPLETELY curled up against me....and he did.  He did it for a very short minute BUT.....that minute was one that i am VERY VERY grateful for tonight.

PS (i am gonna say...tomorrow, would you please PRAY for our family as the evil one will probably NOT be too happy that THIS day was SUCH a blessed and grateful day!  Thankfully, the Lord has supplied me with some pretty big amounts of HOPE, encouragement, love, and JOY!)

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  1. Praise God! I am so grateful that you received so many encouraging things. The phone call from the person in your church just blesses me, too.