Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Miracle at a preschool...OUR children's and OUR miracle

 ***MIRACLE ALERT*** of many that have happened to me today so there will be more postings coming, i hope....we will see how long i can stay awake ;}) THIS HAPPENED IN MY PRESENCE TODAY!
Last night, Liz and Nate came over for supper and time with Grandma and Grandpa. It was a wonderful time & Grandpa bought us all Pizza AND had it delivered (NOT something that we have a VERY VE
RY long time). Lizzie knew that Grandpa wanted to go to Barnes and Noble (a bookstore) to look at and order a Nook. It was decided that for the first time, we believe, since Ethan was home....MOMMY-that is ME was going to be ALONE in our house for 90 minutes!!!

After Liz and Nate left, it was decided that they would have Lizzie drop Grandpa, Grandma, Vica and Catia back off at our house at 11:15am as Grandpa would be done in by then AND then someone could go with me to get the kiddos from preschool.
Let's just say that when one cleans with three other people for fifteen minutes.....things get done WAY faster!!! When one hour went by, i could not believe how little had gotten done! It didn't even look like i cleaned anything and i had been booking it through the house room by room the whole time (except for the time when i had to go to the bathroom and at that exact moment someone was knocking on our front door....let's just say that there were some tears of laughter when i told that part of the story to Grandma). I only had time to put in ONE load of laundry and that is a HUGE problem as my laundry is down where Grandma and Grandpa take their naps and my laundry is multiplying as if it was a pair of rabbits making babies!!!
My house was cleaned up and i noticed that they had five minutes to get to our house and i had a feeling that no one had told Lizzie about what time they needed to be back. It was true SO i asked if they just wanted to meet me at the preschool. YES....great new plan! SO, i said that i would meet them there in ten minutes.
As i was pulling up to the parking spot, i saw that they were all marching up the walk to the preschool. I hurried in and got to the door in time for Liz and Grace to let me in and they let me go into the preschool first. mind is screaming to let you know MORE details....
ok, remember that these are Scott's parents who will probably ONLY be here on this ONE day at this ONE MOMENT of time that would equal probably five minutes IF what happened next had not happened.
OK...back to the story....are you imagining me coming through the doorway and into the hallway and then you will want to see me scream out "STEVE"!!!! As i am hugging Steve profusely, i hear Grandma behind me tell Lizzie...OH! THAT is what you were telling IS Steve!!!
More back with me in time. There is a man whose wife has passed away and there is a woman whose husband has also passed away. Later they fall in love and they become husband and wife. They unite in matrimony with their adult children's blessing. Their adult children got along and got together a couple times a year. Later...much later, i come into the picture and fall madly in love with this couple who are my husband's mother's father and step mother. This step mother is the woman that i have talked of JUST RECENTLY....i miss her so desperately as she passed away over eleven years ago. Her husband, Scott's grandfather, passed away on Good Friday the year before she had passed away. Harvey and Lillian were one of the best blessings in my life. They were BOTH AMAZING grandparents! OH MY!!! JUST AMAZING!
Ok....MORE background....i ran into Lillian's granddaughter at our preschool on three different occasions since bringing the kids to school. I was so thrilled that God even had us see each other on our first day! THIS day, was even better, because you see.....for the first time in eleven years....step brother and step sister saw each other!!! In a preschool five hours away from their home at a time that they never had planned on being the EXACT time as Lillian's son who was picking up his grandson! (i had never seen Steve there before this date) there stood step sister and step brother catching up on the last couple years!
DO YOU REALIZE JUST HOW MANY MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE DAY that we take for granted???? NOT THIS ONE....this one, i have savored, relished and talked about over and over and over and over again! We serve an amazing God, don't we!?!?! I am ALWAYS BLESSED

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