Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our birthday

I am just going to post what i wrote LATE tonight on my FB wall as i thought that you all may enjoy this!
I am WIDE AWAKE as the night was just amazing AND the fact that the "TWINS" keep waking up every twenty minutes or so!
I got to watch our daughters bring Vica's wishes to life as they gave her what she has wanted since Liz got HER first camera! ALL of our girls have LOVED photography so far (and History and Bible but THAT is another topic altogether ;})). Vica is just going to be a shutterbug wh

ich will teach her HOW to take improving pictures! She was the one who took MY picture when i opened MY presents. (in case you missed it....Vica was born on MY birthday, fourteen years ago ...on the 25th) OH!  Vica was given Liz's first REAL camera that SHE had ever bought...a REALLY nice camera!
You have to understand something....the last thing on my LOVE LANGUAGE list is 'gifts' SO to buy me something that makes me get REALLY excited is pretty hard! Tonight, our Catherine got me a HUGE chocolate candy bar...HERSHEY's! Chocolate is a good gift ANY day!!! LOVED her heart as she gave it to me!
Nate and Liz just about overdid themselves but oh my word....they hit the nail on the head for me! I got CHOCOLATE...dark at that...with Sea Salt ;}) THEN, if that wasn't enough....i got a hot rock back massage!!!!! OH MY WORD!!!! SO STINKIN' excited about that!!!!!!! THEN, i am NOT kidding you.....i LOVE this next gift BECAUSE it shows that our daughter KNOWS me!!! She got me a specialty mustard....I LOVE UNIQUE mustards!!! NUMMY!!! WHAT. A. NIGHT!!!
Later, after the 'twins' were asleep, the rest of us were all around the kitchen table (that was heaped high with paperwork that needs going through)....just chatting and gabbing and laughing. Just about the time that Liz and Nate were going to get ready to start going ...i realized that i needed to have us tell what we are thankful for for our Victoria on her "birthday" celebration. (the 25th) SO, we spent quite a long time sharing with Victoria the blessing she is in our lives and the blessing of the creation that God created her to be. As soon as we were done....Ethan started with his FIRST crying of the night....so i ran up to comfort him as this was highly unusual. I came back later, expecting Liz and Nate to be standing and ready to go BUT instead all were still sitting. I went to the table and they said that they decided that they were going to tell ME what they were grateful for......well, did you see how excited i was over my precious gifts???
WORDS of encouragement.....where i didn't say a thing.... where i didn't have to help with... where it was from my very own family who knows me warts (i have MANY) and all....STILL able to find something to encourage and love and give this Mommy and WIFE enough LOVE in my LOVE TANK for a LONG LONG time.....WOW!!! WHAT AN ENCOURAGING NIGHT!
What was so encouraging to me was that they weren't just 'regular' kinds of blessings and encouragement....they were deep and detailed and Ally's floored me specifically ....she was grateful for my love, devotion, passion of .....YOU ALL and that i am using my gifts for other people that i don't even really know and that i am encouraging and helping people with their adoptions and their heartaches! JUST FLOORED me as i have felt SO very alone and disheartened!
I think that the reason there aren't nights like this more often is that i would NEVER sleep AND i would probably be up in the sky somewhere from flying so high in pure joy that i got to be the Mommy to these two boys and five girls and wife to one man that i will have been married to for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS next month! I AM ALWAYS ALWAYS BLESSED!!!

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