Saturday, October 15, 2011

The 24 hours of giving that was amazing! Can we do it again?

For those of you who do not have FB or to those of you who may have missed all that happened that i wrote on FB about the reaction to our last blog post....this is how it went was an amazing 24 hours of miraculous giving!!!

Within thirty minutes of putting up another blog but this one was stating our need for our dossier finances...a friend gave $100 making it a need for $3,422 then within thirty minutes of putting up the Chip-in onto our blog another friend gave $100!!! Now, all we need is $3,322- i am blown away! I guess i didn't even think about people forwarding my blog & people have!!! SO i learned how to put a Chip-In onto our blog! I pray that YOU will prayerfully consider helping us send this paperwork! I am blown away already!

HELLO!!!!?!?!?!?! ANYONE AWAKE!?!?!?!?!?! I was taking down all of the 'gadgets' (whatever they are called) at the bottom of my computer so my computer would work faster and one of them was our blog!!!!!!! OH MY WORD!!!!!!
(Someone had given $1,000)

Well, we are already almost 1/3 of the way there to get the finances for our dossier to go over to Bulgaria! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? WOW! IF you feel like you are able, the Lord is leading you, or you would like to be a part of bringing home Ethan then you can see our blog & donate there! Remember, when you give to our chip-in that is NOT tax deductible but our Reece's Rainbow account is (but the RR account can not be used for our dossier) THANK YOU to the THREE of you who have given & the THREE of you who have shared this on your wall!!! I LOVE IT!!!! SO amazed!!! WOW!

Well, we are now ANOTHER $100 closer!!! Another dear friend gave $100 onto our chip-in! I cannot believe this! THANK YOU GOD!

We are now at 35%...another $100 gift!!! Overwhelmed!

We are in need of $2, amazing would it be if we could be under the $2,000 mark today??? IF you are able to help us with our dossier costs for our son, Ethan....we would SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT!!! Just go to our blog & help with the chip-in! SO EXCITED by the many blessings already!

IF you feel comfortable, we would also love it if you could share this need with your friends----through talking about it, coming up with ideas of how to help, giving, praying together, sharing it in your small groups, sharing on FB......or any other idea of getting the word out;)

SO i am sitting here minding my own business when i see Catherine with a weird grin on her face as she was coming from the downstairs & going up the next stairs toward her room. I stop her because she looks guilty. I ask her what she is doing and she says, "I'm not taking any treats or cookies!" I say, "Well, what ARE you taking up? You look guilty!" She says, "I promise i will be right back & i will show you!" My mind is wondering what in the world Ally has put her up to now! ;) She comes out with something inside of her flannel cover-up shirt & i am thinking that there is going to be something that is going to come out & scare me because she has such a different face on, so i say, "You aren't going to scare me, are you?" She giggles and looks like she can't believe why i would even be thinking such a thing. She then pulls out an envelope. I am still thinking that this has something to do with Ally but i open it up & there is a lot of cash in the envelope. I shut it quickly & ask her whose it is. She says, "Mine" & i say, "No can't give away all of your birthday won't be able to buy anything! That is your money that you got from people for your birthday!" She says, "i don't care!" SO then she sits down & asks me to count it. I am thinking that there is about 20-30$ but then we add it up & it comes up to $70.96! WOW!
She looked like she was going to cry because she was so excited, pleased as she said, "I want this to go to Ethan. Can we put it in the Chip-In?" I told her that i would put it on my FB so it would be like putting it on our Chip-In!
Yep, pretty well humbled by our 11 yr old....remember, she doesn't have a birthday for another 11 months!!!!

BTW, that means that we are only $26.04 short of going under the $2,000...WOW!

Ummmm.....someone just gave $100!!!!!!

Ally just went hobbling downstairs & brought up $26.05!!!!! She didn't know about the $100!!!! (she had immediately gone downstairs as soon as she heard about the $26.04 being needed & in that short of time, the $100.00 had come in)

NOW, we are at $1899.99.......UFFDA!!!! I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. THIS!!!!

We are still needing that same amount! The check will be going out Monday to California SO REALLY we could have a few extra days before it will be taken from our account. I would LOVE to have the $1,899.99 by Monday! SO that means if 190 of our friends gave $10 it would be done! OR if 76 people gave $25-we would be fully funded for our dossier paperwork, or if 19 friends gave $100 or if 4 people gave $500....if you would please ask the Lord if you are to be involved & how much you should have faith to give in helping us in this way!

We are so very grateful to all of those who have given already...not just financially but also people like Jill who took time from her day & went with me to the Cities to the Secretary of State office (& even brought snacks! i only provided a water bottle) Jill is doing what she can to help! We appreciate all who have given....not just for our dossier but also before many have given & many sacrificially! We are grateful! Thank You! We are always blessed, Connie for the crew!

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