Monday, October 17, 2011


My phone is the way that i get our Charter email...because Charter is just SO bad! But the last three days/ maybe phone isn't even letting me see my Charter. I JUST got on & was reading through ALL of the people who have given....some names of people that i have never even met...others who are also adopting....then names of people who we haven't seen in ages & who are probably shocked that we are adopting in our old age & then missionaries who are in need of more money than we are needing;}) AMAZING!!!!! THEN.......go get your kleenex.....

Remember how i told you all that there was a really WEIRD total & i couldn't figure out the reason why & that i hoped that i would find the answer? Well, i JUST read the answer!!! OH! MY! GOODNESS!!!
There is a young man that i LOVE...he is such a godly young man that i pray that the woman who gets him is just as amazing as he is. He has wept over my husband's loss of work last year...after fifteen months of no work, this young man asked our group of people to stop & pray over Scott for a job...& then....he prayed through weeping. THAT, is just a little glimpse into this young man! OK...well, he wrote me on CHarter that i needed to tell our 11yr old daughter, Catherine that since she is only 11 yrs old & could give $70.96 & he is double her age then he could give $141.92.....that i KNOW is a sacrifice to him! I saw him this morning....he probably thought that i wasn't all that excited but then i pray that he knows that that is not me .....WHAT A GENEROUS man! (Bring blessing on these people Lord!!!)
There is an example of another sacrificial gift....and it blows my mind! Oh my can i sleep???? Such weeping for joy! In the gift of friendship with people like this!!!! WOW!!!

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  1. I saw Stephanie W's post on FB and she invited me to your FB event. I made a small donation. I so wish I could give you the full amount you need, but I'm certain God will bless your efforts for answering His call. Prayers!!!