Monday, October 3, 2011

Blessed more than i deserve

The last five days have been so utterly amazing! Not just because we got our adoption paperwork back WAY earlier than we were expecting either! Let me explain...

The Lord prompted me to ask what i was feeling strongly was needed & so i did. I went onto Facebook and asked a question ONCE which is what i also felt was all i was suppose to do. No one answered this question until i told the Lord that i was content that no one had answered & then that night someone did answer my question-if anyone had a cabin that our family could use that weekend AND...someone WAS allowing us to use their cabin! Someone whose parents don't even know us!!!
I was very bummed that our family wasn't all together as Liz & Nate needed to work as well as Scott & Ethan is still in his country. I would've LOVED to have had another adult or two but i knew that the timing was perfect & we had to do it. OH! How i wished that Scott could have been with us!

We left on Thursday & the drive alone was out of this world! I cannot begin to describe to you the beauty of the trees! The colors were some of the best that i had ever seen. We got to the log cabin & it was so beautiful & it reminded us all of Grandma Grace. It was completely decorated as if she had done it! OH how Grandma would have LOVED IT!!! Loons & Scandinavian decor all over!

The girls & i went on walks every day. The BEST walk was one that was not very well planned...i had no clue that when we left the cabin that we would be gone so long that we really should have taken food with. We drove to a place that had been recommended...the LOST FORTY is what it is called. I have lived in Minnesota most of my life & what is even more amazing is that i lived not far from this particular area for years & i had never heard of it! It was SO the top five most beautiful places that i have ever been (on this particular weekend of FULL FALL COLORS)!!!

It was FORTY ACRES of untimbered land...for 350 years there has not been anyone messing with God's creation on that land! STUNNING!!! The trees were in their PRIME FALL COLORS & the pictures will never do it justice but oh how i praised the Lord for His beautiful artistry! SO worth a 3 hour drive if not four...if you can, this week!

The girls & i had popcorn & watched Father of the Bride 2. It felt like it was our family...even though i am not pregnant, nor is Liz BUT knowing that our children could be even five years different is just amazing! CHILDREN ARE SUCH BLESSINGS!!! I LOVE that movie! The girls & i also played MANY games...something that i have not been doing a good job of doing with them this past year with Scott being so far away. We also played LOTS of Foosball...oh my, the times of laughter with tears rolling down our faces were MANY! We also had fires in the fireplace & times of reading & relaxing.

On Sunday, we had a LONG time of just clearing the air & talking about our relationships & how to do LIFE was SO SO SO good! Also, a time of prayer...with Sophina stealing the time...every time another of us would pray she would try to move her toy out of the way so she could hold the toy AND fold her hands AGAIN...i have to admit that the entire time we all prayed i was watching our precious angel pray with us too!

We watched Fiddler on the Roof...another classic that our family LOVES!!! Lots of time focusing on the older kids while Sophina slept for her nap or nighttime...many LATE nights!

On the trip home today...the first hour...i wept off and on because i was just SO overwhelmed by the family's generosity....AND the Lord's. I have only seen colors like i saw Aspen Colorado & the mountains there (when i was a child). Every turn in the road, every bend in the road, every hill for that first hour...took my breath away. I just kept saying..."we are so blessed....God has been so good to us...i cannot believe this beauty...i am in awe of this...can you believe what we are seeing.....can you believe what this family has done for us...can you believe that we have been given this chance to see something that we would have never seen without them doing this...i cannot believe that this is even more beautiful than when we came up...CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE COLORS...oh my goodness God is amazing...i wonder if the people who live in this area understand the incredible blessing they have of living in this part of the country...WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY...i am just stunned...i am so blessed-i do not deserve this blessing...oh my goodness..." and on and on and on i went. The next hour it was just a little less & then we came to HWY. 371 & it was as if the color was erased from the trees & dirt had been thrown on made me want to turn around and go back! i still cannot believe the seriously had been as close to heaven's colors that i think i have ever seen! They had been SO BRIGHT, so bold, so perfect, so well beautiful!

I don't think that we will EVER be able to thank this family & their parents enough. Nor, do i think that they will EVER know how much we needed it,how much it helped & how much it meant to be allowed such a HUGE blessing. I don't know how one thanks someone who does such a selfless act, such a kindness, such a gift that will never be returned! It made me so aware of what the Lord Jesus has much i take it for granted so often! Oh how i thanked Him for this incredible, wonderful, out of this world, one of a kind, tremendously amazing treasured time! We are so very blessed!

SO many people have done so much for our family over the many years...SO many things have happened that were hard & stressful & overwhelming & God has always place some people in our lives who have just blown our minds away with their generosity & kindness & sweet ways of loving us! We have been blessed again! SO grateful!

NOW...we are ready to tackle the dossier so we can go see Ethan SOON!!! PLEASE pray that we will do everything that needs doing & that it will be CLEAR & correct & will get to our country ASAP!!! THIS has never been easy with the two of us in two different states and this...will test us to the max! I see some more traveling in my coming days!

SO VERY VERY BLESSED, Connie for the crew

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