Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reading with the girls last night...FAITH!

Every night, i try to read to the three youngest girls & last night was no exception. We are reading the biography of Ida Scudder. It comes from THE series that i recommend more than any other series EVER! Amazing real life people - even names that we know very well BUT THESE biographies start when the people are children! SO our children see the childhood of people like D.L. Moody, George Mueller and yes, Ida Scudder. There are dozens of missionary biographies but there are also historical biographies.
Ida Scudder lived in India due to the fact that her parents were missionaries. One day, her mother asked Ida (who was then six years old) to do something that she had never been asked to do before & it was asked in such a way that Ida knew that it was VERY important. She had to hand out one piece of bread to a child & ONLY one piece each! There were hundreds of children in the missions yard. There was a famine in India. Three million people died. Ida cared a LOT...too much. She decides that she will NEVER EVER be a missionary like her parents, her uncles, cousins & all her other family members (almost ALL of her extended family members were also missionaries in India)

Circumstances later changed her mind...Indian women would not let a man look at them. Muslims & Hindus also wouldn't let a male Dr look at their wives....& one night THREE different women went into labor & three different men came to Ida's door asking for her to come & help but she couldn't-she would be of no help, she had NO medical skills at all! That night she had been in the middle of writing someone back in the States to let her know how much she despised India but that night her life dramatically changed. By the next morning she decides to become a Dr. & go back to the states to go to medical school! The problem is...she has no money!

The Lord provides her with FOUR YEARS worth of schooling! It amazed me! I kept on reading the story! Ida finally gets her degree & is wanting to go back to India but she feels that they need a hospital built! She goes to over a hundred different churches, organizations, ministries, & anyone that will listen but no one seems to care about poor women in India. (when i was reading this section...sad to say, but i feels like not too many people REALLY care that there are thousands of children who are considered "different" (who are just like our Sophina) who are dying over in Eastern Europe) Ida is crying herself to sleep because she just can't believe that the Lord has given her this strong feeling that there is to be a hospital but people weren't providing. She is near giving up when she gets a note to come to a brother-in-law of the lady she had just visited the day before! She goes to him & he writes out a check for not just the ENTIRE hospital to be built but later that day he takes her to the medical supply store & writes out a check for ALL of the needed supplies FOR the hospital...from the operating table, beds, mattresses, to the bandages -everything that is needed to run the hospital AND he pays for shipping it all over there!

Well, our family is not in need of a hospital or even filling a hospital with supplies BUT it does FEEL like it might as well be that! We are needing to write out a check for $5,500 in just a couple of days! We are in need of $3,522 yet to make it. This amount is NOT able to be taken from our Reece's Rainbow gift fund...THAT will be used for our traveling costs & hotel & such. SO your gift won't be able to be used on your tax refund as it would need to go straight to us. IF you feel led to give, we would be most grateful! You can write a comment on here as to how to give you the information that you would need privately or if you are my friend on FB, you can message me & i can give it to you! OR you can pray like crazy for someone else to give;}) We know that God is able to do whatever it is that He sees best & we are looking forward to what He decides! GOD IS FAITHFUL! We are always blessed, Connie for the crew
PS if you would like me to bake something for you in exchange, i would be more than willing to do so!

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