Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garage Sale-just the thank you! WOW!

OH MY GOODNESS! What a week!  What an adventurous thirteen month process that the Lord has brought us through!!!  I was telling friends this week that i was just trying to hold on for dear life at times. There are things that aren't meant for sharing with the world that have been SO HARD and need prayers and still do.  There are things that are just MEANT for SHARING and this garage sale/ days of creating Ethan's THREE of the FOUR quilts is DEFINITELY one of them!  To thank all of the people that were involved in these two days alone....would be SO hard but i THANK YOU-to all that i have mentioned and to those whom i haven't....we are grateful!!!!!
The results of just the first day by 1:30pm made my knees buckle and fall into Kristin's arms and weep!  Robin was the one who told me and all who were in the room (our kitchen) were moved by God's miraculous provisions!  Our faith was so strengthened!!!
Those miraculous provisions were because people were obedient to what God asked THEM to do....Brenton and Lisa gave of their belongings for our sale in an incredible way!!!  Mark & Jennifer gave a trunk load of items!!! Scott & Robin brought items and worked on Thursday!  Bob & LeAnne gave of their time and items for the sale & bake sale...i think the workers bought a lot of them!  Dawn baked and brought items for our girls to sell-what a hit!!!  Mark & Devona not only baked goods but Mark was our hero to be there BOTH days helping us do things that needed a man's help!  Bethany created beautiful pieces of jewelry to sell.  Rebecca's family brought over some items.  Cynthia created amazing signs with Ethan's picture on it!  SHOPKO gave us two clothing racks to use for two weeks! LOVE that store and appreciated their involvement!  We had Marilyn here, all of the Potter women, Becky-our PCA, Mark (who was already mentioned), Jess, and if i forgot someone....oh my! My brain is fried...this will tell you....i forgot our daughter, Victoria, for our family quilt.....i had written it down but had gotten interrupted and thought that i had done it!!!!  SO please give me grace!  My girls' thank you will be coming later.
THEN there were the women of the quilts!!!  Oh my word!!!  My girls have been amazing!  Helping go through twenty years of clothes that i have saved for THEIR quilts when they graduate, get married, and have their first child.  God put that desire in my life from the time that Lizzie was little so i have clothes in Ethan's quilts that are from Lizzie's birth even! (she is twenty...nearing 21)!!!  Becky and Holly helped! THEN...oh my goodness to thank these ladies....AMAZING sacrificial love was lavished onto this idea of mine!!!  Steph took on WAY more then she ever dreamed she would or could do and did a HUGE amount of incredible work in the middle of her overwhelmingly busy life!!! (Steph let us use her tables too) Krista's ideas were amazing and she has been such an encourager, giver and dreamer in this whole adoption AND in this project! SUCH a HUGE supporter! (oh and she helped with the garage sale in a huge way by providing signs, tables and then some) Pat is one that was called in and within minutes was in our home working on something that she had not thought that she would be involved in but was one of the two MAIN ones who created amazing pieces for our quilt!  The three ladies fed off of each other and came up with blocks that just blew my mind!  THEN there were the ladies who started putting the embroidery on and quilting!  SUCH incredible giving was done here by Cynthia here in town that humbled me....she never had met our family but had read our blog and wanted to be INVOLVED...she has given in ways that we will never be able to repay!  JoAnn's work is just beautiful...she was one who came to me within SECONDS of my announcing in front of church what my idea was to say that she was going to help with the embroidery.....she was completely surprised when she saw it coming together!  Bonnie coming in with such flair and energy and generosity!  Heidi and her family coming nearly THREE hours ONE WAY with her two young children and staying way over her time that she thought that she would be here....her work amazed the other workers! Then there was Linda who said that she would love to help whenever we did do the quilt (now quiltS).  She did a great job!  Betty coming and helping in ways that allowed the other women to not have to be interrupted in their work.  Holly and Kristin coming to help come alongside these ladies and doing what they could.  I have Pete who donated an item that was very special for Ethan's quilt and boy am i proud of how the ladies made it turn out.
Todd and Karri have been so very generous in giving our Sophina a car seat that has been a total improvement compared to what we did have AND they donated a dresser to us that will fit WAY better in our room with the crib and two dressers being in there for the past three years (and will be continuing to be that way for a long time yet).  They have been a huge blessing to our family!  DOING what they can has been done by so many people on our Ethan's behalf AND our family's behalf....SO very grateful!!!
SO many people came from our home school group and i missed MOST of you but my girls tried to keep me up on who had just left!  I got to meet people that i only have known from FB!!! SUCH fun to also meet other adopting families!  People came from all over the place and we are so grateful!  Got to meet a family whose hubby had just gotten off the plane Thursday night from being in court across the world for their child's adoption..four YEARS in the making!  THEY will be leaving in thirty days!  SO wonderful to receive their hugs! PLEASE pray for them! They are Tony and Lisa!
A few people came and just gave without buying anything!  A few people rounded up their totals!  Some people shared their stories with the people who were working the garage sale BUT the next blog is going to share a COMPLETELY OBVIOUS GOD MOMENT that happened on the rare occasion that i was out in the garage sale on Thursday afternoon.  THEN i will also give you the total!
THE BIGGEST THANK YOU GOES TO ALL OF YOU WHO PRAYED!!!!!  THANK YOU for going before the Lord God Almighty and praying on our behalf and thank you SO very much for sharing this sale with your friends....MANY came because of that!!!
We are ALWAYS BLESSED, Connie for the crew


  1. PLEASE let me know if you know of someone that i should have thanked for our garage sale/quilt making days!

  2. PRAISING and REJOICING with you!!! LOVE YOU!