Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today has been one of my most overwhelming days...yet GOD!!! Just as i was freaking out...a dear friend came to the rescue & said that she has friends that she would try to contact to help us and THEN............

Sophina has a Cheerios book that Ally was playing with her during her supper. OK...back up....this morning our therapist tried once again to have Sophina just TRY to have her TOUCH the PufF cereal to her tongue REALLY fast but try again as she might...Sophina just wouldn't have it. Realize that we have been trying this for MONTHS and MONTHS!!! Back to the story.....
Ally was feeding Sophina while i was going through Ethan's clothes. Sophina finished eating and then Ally tried sneaking in a cheerio AND GOT IT!!! Sophina kept it in her mouth!!!!!! Ally tried again and got it but Sophina spit it out....again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, and then yet AGAIN and finally she kept it in her mouth for a long time because Lizzie had come over, Mommy was there now and people were excited. She of course, then spit it out but people THIS IS GINORMOUS!!!!!! BUT THAT IS NOT ALL!!!!

My hubby made me cry a few minutes ago. He called at 6:30pm....THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN...he rarely calls before 7:30!!! It was loud where he was at and i couldn't understand him. He said, "Hi" and he hemmed and hahed and i couldn't understand what in the world was going on. He then told me that all of his co-workers surprised him today with a surprise party with lots of food! Well, knowing that food is rare there...i knew that this made his day but to tell you the truth i still couldn't understand why he would be calling me in the middle of it. After a few minutes, he let me know WHY he called. He called to let me know that his co-workers had been planning this for a month!!! They were giving him a party for our son Ethan and our adoption! (i am crying again) What a BLESSING!!!! WHAT A NEEDED UPPER of granting me HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT!!!! OH how the Lord KNEW that TODAY...THIS DAY was a day when i needed to HEAR this!!! OH HOW GOOD THE LORD IS and how BLESSED we are that my husband has a JOB!!!! A job where the people LOVE him!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! Thank you to the men and women at Scott Lindquist's work....i am so so grateful!

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  1. Thank you Karrie for letting me know about the type not being the right color!!! Appreciate it!