Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Right now, we are thinking that we will be given our second trip dates at the end of the week!  We can't wait to see when we will be bringing our Ethan HOME!!!  We are trying to bring in the last of the money that is needed by having a VERY spontaneous garage sale NEXT WEEKEND...the weekend after Easter.  The girls said that if that weekend is when we are supposed to go get Ethan then they will do the garage sale! HA!  I know that there would be people who would help as that would DEFINITELY be a reason for joy! Otherwise, we would scrap it for another time.
This means that we are at the end of Ethan's grant fund raising.  Ethan has $806 in his grant yet (remember that they don't show what has been used for other needs...our first trip, dossier costs were taken out so it is NOT what it says on our grant...that is the TOTAL that has been raised since Ethan was put onto MY FAMILY FOUND ME).  We have found out an ESTIMATE of our costs for the airplane tickets...it is around $3300 for the three of us. We also will be needing to stay in the capitol this time and that is MUCH higher in costs for food and hotel than where we were at in Ethan's city before.

We are trying to raise the money with the garage sale-so a LOCAL way of help being brought in, we also  have another LOCAL fund raiser that we are starting in full force and that is PAPA MURPHY's Coupon Cards that have coupons for a 1 topping pizza for $7.99-Med.Lg or Family size/ a 3 topping pizza for $9.99-Med, Lg. or Family size/ Any stuffed pizza for $10.99-Lg or Family size/ Any TWO family size pizzas coupon for $6 off any regular priced pizza/ A free cheesy bread or cookie dough w/a purchase of any regular priced pizza/ Any pizza, any size $2 off any Regular menu price/ Any gourmet pizza for $9.99 for a med, Lg. or Family size/ AND Any 3 family size pizzas for $10 off regular menu price.  We are selling them for only $5 a piece...please catch me at church, or email or FB message me or let me know how many you would like...they don't expire!
Then we are trying to finish the treasured quilt for Ethan that is going to be using all of our clothing that i have saved of our girls' favorite clothes combined with Scott's/mine and Nate's clothes to have OTHERS names embroidered on the pieces of cloth that have donated and asked to be on the quilt.  $20 for your name to be on the quilt.

We are praying that we can get in the last $3000 QUICKLY so we will be fully funded before we leave.  If you can help us, we would appreciate it greatly!!!  Our money says that we are at....$5091...which is really the $806 SO that would mean that we need to have it say $8091 VERY SOON!  We are praying for a mighty miracle!  Will YOU help us bring Ethan home?

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