Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ethan's Cookies, Quilt & now what???

Well, the cookies were definitely a success! Blew my mind that you all wanted them from all over the country! WOW! Such fun! Kept me VERY busy! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO GAVE!

Ethan's quilt is going to need to get started next week...in that i will need to find people to help cut up the clothes for the use for Ethan's quilt! SO....there is STILL time to add your name, if you haven't done so. PLEASE have this be the time that you donate...esp. if you are close to our family! I really want this to be a treasure for Ethan. You donate twenty dollars & your family's name will be embroidered onto a quilt for Ethan that will be made out of the clothes of our entire family (clothes that i have saved that are special & was wanting for a quilt for each of the girls but there is plenty for an extra quilt for their brother) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL ME THAT YOU DONATED as it is anonymous & doesn't let me know as to who has given!

The next fund raiser is HUGE!!! It is using the gifts of our daughter, Ally Mae (Alexandra Jessica Mae), our 16 1/2 yr old. Until my 45th birthday, on October 25th, she will be taking orders for a NINETY minute photography session. She is asking for a $75 OR MORE donation to Ethan's grant. You will get a CD of all of the photos that she takes. IF you have not been able to see her work...we are going to try to get some of her photos up from other sessions that she has done in the past. She has done graduation pictures, engagement pictures, wedding pictures and baby announcement pictures. It will be first come, first serve & we will try to work around your schedule.

We are needing to raise $5,500 in cash/checks that would not be tax deductible so that we can send in our dossier in a few weeks. THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY! This is NOT money that we can use from Reece's Rainbow. SO...we have $1,000 and we will need $4,500...seriously, i JUST NOW in writing this realized that the amount needed is 100x my birthday. IF we could get $4,500 by my birthday, it would be miraculous but i am praying for even bigger miracles as i believe we will be needing it before my birthday.

We will also be needing to do other fund raising SOON but we are starting with this! IF this is something that you cannot do PLEASE forward this on to others who may be able to do this! THIS is crunch time! We are blessed always! Connie for the crew

PS. PLEASE pray for me tomorrow as i go to the FBI biometric fingerprinting place with my FB praying friend, Jill. There was a mishap with our paperwork in that they didn't get us our paperwork until i called and asked where it was. By the time i got it, it was too late for Scott's fingerprints to be changed in the correct way to where he is. THAT MEANS that i will be going in to the FBI without Scott & i will not be going the way of protocol in getting his prints moved to his state where he is working. Pray for peace, protection, guidance and also PLEASE pray for our children as Sophina has been having very rough days with her eating lately.
PLEASE PRAY right now for this!

PSS. I would LOVE it if people would put our names on their daily prayer list...daily prayer is definitely needed for adoptive families! thank you so much for your support in getting the word out about this fund raiser!

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