Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meeting a stranger at a dentist office who is now a friend-God is amazing

Went to get Catherin'e braces off & come home w/ a new friend!
God is amazing!
There was only one other person in a chair at the office where we went & i couldn't see him but i knew he was a teenager by the fact that he was listening to music while he was waiting. He hadn't said much. Then a woman came in & sat down as if she were the mom. I looked at her & saw how put together she was. I felt so NOT put together! I had gotten ready in 5 minutes due to a sick teenager & our Sophina sleeping in & then taking awhile to eat HER breakfast. She had on an outfit that i would have worn when i worked at the Cafe & white & very sheek! She was beautifully adorable....with heels & purse to match!
The young man's phone went off & mom immediately said, "How about you tell them that you are at the dentist. The teenager just got a little younger in my mind. I didn't hear any sass from him.
I hadn't gotten a chance to eat before we went so i had a bar w/me & my mocha. There was no garbage so i had to get up & walk around looking for one & i saw the young man in the chair and knew right away that he had Down Syndrome!!! Then the worker came to work on him & she was just a sweetheart with him! You could tell that they knew him well.
I knew that we moms needed to talk...but HOW????? I thought of quite a few different scenarios but my best option i thought was to show her a picture of our Sophina! It worked!!! I asked from across the way, "Is that your son?" and she said that it was and i walked over with a picture of Sophina!
We exchanged stories about when they were each little...the struggles that were very similar and those that were different. She told me of what he was struggling with at the age of 21years & i told her about Reece's Rainbow. She wept as i told her just a few of the stories...about the orphanage in our son's country where little ones were very much treated horribly. I showed her pictures of Tony that was needing to be adopted from that orphanage and of Carrington & how just this morning that family announced that they were adopting again!!! I told her about the incredible new world of adoptive families that we are a part of.
She gave me her FB name & i told her that she would be asked to be my friend by the time she got home! SHE asked ME for a hug!!! What are the odds!!! I found a friend whose a hugger;}) Yes, God's ways are not our ways....our coverage changed for Catherine 23 days ago & i couldn't understand why Catherine's braces couldn't have come off last month. Now i know why....He planned that the only two families that were there in that back room were two that were suppose to meet and become friends!
Who knows what will happen....but one more person knows about hundreds of children over in Eastern Europe & has shed tears over their plight & will be caring about what happens to those kiddos & i have another friend that i didn't have earlier this morning! Nice meeting you Lori!

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