Thursday, September 8, 2011

A letter from our attorney answering some of your concerns

Our attorney wrote to me about our son, our adoption and adoptions in general.
She apologized for the struggles.....

"I am so sorry for everything you are going through, dear. I personally have never been in your shoes but I know of many adoptive families having the same experiences. Then everything changes and is so worth at the end when their little one(s) join their family and home. I've heard stories where from total opposition, friends and family turn into biggest fans of the adopted children."

She then let me know that she's been to Ethan's orphanage and answered questions that i have been asked by people who have had concerns in different areas....
"Yes, he DOES exist. The orphanage is real, the director is real, I know her. Many years ago I've been to that orphanage. Also, it is a Hague adoption for goodness sake! There's no such thing as baby-selling or any kind of illegality in a Hague convention."

I let her know that people are concerned about Ethan maybe having issues--(which Scott & i have talked about many different times and have WAY more knowledge about what those issues could be then we feel people are giving us credit for)

"Of course, Ethan will have issues. Every child does in the beginning. At the end, you sweep him/her out of the only "home" they have known all of their life. Everything they've known disappears and these strangers come and carry him away and take him to a foreign country, with funny languge that he doesn't understand, etc.,etc., etc.

But I think Ethan will do relatively well. The director herself told me Ethan has a lot of potential and could really become a high functioning adult."

Our attorney is in our Ethan's country and has been working there for many years for these precious children. She is a believer in Jesus Christ and understands what adoption is about in its bigger picture...

"I really don't know what else to say or how to help you but my heart goes out to you. Remember that the satan doesn't want it to happen. He wants to keep this little one in chains. He can't attack him for he is helpless anyway and nothing depends on him and that's why he is attacking you - for you are the one called to resque Ethan and you are the one to be discouraged and sidetracked. Keep up fighting! Don't give up! It WILL happen and the victory will be God's and yours and Ethan's!


and she signed her name....
This letter could have been written to almost every single one of my friends who are adopting. We are praying that there will be many of our friends who will see that we are following the call that God has given us and that we are obeying HIM and then...that they will rise up and support us through DAILY praying for our family AND for ETHAN! Pray for our future together and for his transition as well as ours...even though that seems way in the future!
As Scott and i know VERY well this week (as our eldest is getting married in less than two days) that time goes VERY VERY quickly! We are asking humbly for your prayer support!
We are always matter the day, Connie for the crew

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  1. Our prayers continue! Prayers for you, the whole family, Ethan, the quick process, his adjustment, your adjustment. You are where God wants you to be - don't let Satan in and let you think that you aren't! Stand strong - the only opinion that matters is God's! And He is using you in a BIG way!!!