Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Our daughter is married! Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and Christ-centered! It was a favorite wedding of many who came. We are praying for God's blessing on their new marriage! So grateful for their union!

I am very behind on pretty much everything! Which, it turns out, is good for all of you;}) I wanted to make sure that i let you all know that i will NOT be making the cookies until tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning. SO, if you haven't bought a dozen of Ethan's Dark Brown Sugar Cookies with Connie's Coffee Frosting then you have another chance to do so! I guess they did travel well..i wrapped them up with saran wrap and tin foil and then filled the box with bubble wrap. It will costs about $8 for shipping if you are out of town. These cookies are not really what you think of as cookies. They have an adult flavor...very elegant and coffee shop-ish;}) I also send the recipe in the box for both the cookies and the frosting. The frosting is going to be used at my house on way more than these cookies....NUMMY! I wish i would have made this way earlier in my life!

****The quilt****
WE really, REALLY want to have our friends and family on this quilt! IF money is an issue...please tell us! We don't want money to be the thing that keeps special people off of his quilt! His quilt will be his for as long as he lives! We would LOVE having it be a HUGE quilt FULL of our friends and family! SO, this week is when i will be trying to get help in cutting the pieces and then a dear lady from our church will be embroidering each of the pieces with the names of those of you that have given! WE are SERIOUSLY saying right now...Close friends & family,PLEASE let us know that you would like your name on there EVEN if you can't give OR if you are one of MANY who helped us through our 18 months without work and have given so much in the past!

I just do not want to put names on without people's permission.

SO! Cookies and quilt-this week!!! We have some other ideas for fund raising that we are very excited about BUT for our dear friends...the quilt is THE ONE that i care about!

blessed always, Connie for the crew


  1. I sent a check - hopefully you got it!

  2. I'll send a check as soon as I can! Plan on my money being there soon!

  3. Put me on :)
    We're going to donate soon, maybe tomorrow but definitely this week. I gave DH a list of families I wanted to donate to.

  4. Hi Connie - I just saw your post on the RR forum from July (I'm a little behind. . . ) about Chloe. I am Chloe's mama! I looked you up on FB but didn't find you. You have a beautiful family! I'd love to correspond - my email is ksimp6577 at bellsouth dot net.