Tuesday, September 6, 2011


SO, the cookies cost @$11 each to send out-a dozen!! He said that there may be a less expensive way & he told me it would be @$8 and would still take 2-3 days! He said that if i wanted to pay $32 i could have it promised to be there in two days! Cookies...these cookies MAY not do well with being that old SO we will see what we should do next week about WHICH kind of treat to bake and send out. There may be some of you who have been hearing about these cookies and REALLY wanted to have them...if that is the case...we will still do it..otherwise, i was going to ask the two that had it sent to them through the mail as to how they tasted.
I KNOW that there are still people that we would LOVE to have on Ethan's quilt and there are just a few days left! I will be putting this up now DAILY until the last day of this fund raiser. I really want this quilt to be a treasure to our son! I see us cuddling when he is 7/8yrs old (in about 4+-5+ years) and showing him all of the people who cared about him and loved him before they even saw his sweet face! I see us telling stories as we cuddle up together as a family..."remember the time we were with these people and...." or "Oh, Ethan, this family prayed for you every day" or "Ethan, this family hasn't even met our family but they have a little one just like you from Eastern Europe and they couldn't wait to see you come into our family..." I haven't really told you what i see this treasured quilt being...until now and that is just the tip of the iceberg!
Thank you to all who have already given...some even gave up things so they could give to Ethan and for that we are so very grateful! Thank YOU!!!! lovingly blessed always, Connie for the crew

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  1. Connie, how about a cookie kit? Maybe mailing some of the dry ingredients plus a card with the needed wet ingredients and baking instructions? Then time wouldn't be as big of a factor and might cost a touch less to ship? (You could even halve the recipe to make it lighter.) Just a thought! Hope it helps! Praying for you, friend!