Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dark Brown Sugar Cookies with Coffee frosting

OK....i am taking orders now until September 10th at 11:59pm for my Dark Brown Sugar Cookies with Coffee Frosting.
We will say that One Dozen Cookies will be $10 for local and with the recipe...$15.
I would say to add $3 for shipping if you would like it shipped!
Unless Liz needs me to do something for her wedding in ELEVEN days then i will try to do the baking on Labor Day;}) Then if there are more orders i will bake again that week after the wedding.
Also, PLEASE, i am PLEADING and BEGGING...if you are a friend of ours and you have not donated $20 to have your name embroidered onto Ethan's blanket...i am asking that if that is the ONLY time that you can give...PLEASE have it be for this. It will be a treasure that will last a long time and will have many wonderful memories from the people who have helped to bring him home. We will be closing that also, at the same time as the cookie fund raiser...September 10th, 11:59pm
Thanks so much to those who have given! Lovingly blessed, Connie for the crew
PS. You may either use our paypal-Ethan's grant through Reece's Rainbow or make out a check and send it to Reece's Rainbow so either way would be tax deductible or if that doesn't matter you can just pay me.

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