Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Quite a few of you have asked the obvious question...which Scott and i have asked since he moved... "Are you guys moving out there?" or "Is Scott finding a job here?" The answer is a rather long one....

Scott was without work for EIGHTEEN MONTHS...from an industry that not only got hit by a recession but also got hit because it is a dying industry....PRINTING. Scott had a fantastic job at Merrill where he was paid a nice paycheck but then was laid off when the recession started. He was laid off at that time for six months THEN he got hired and loved his job but then the recession got way worse and the industry nose dived...last one hired, first one laid off.

Leaders in the industry that would come into MY work at the restaurant would tell me that he needed to get out of that industry (when i would hound them for work for Scott;}). SO, we looked outside of the box and we felt like God kept leading him to do the semi driving school so he could find work...then someone paid for his schooling and then he got a job, got hurt a few weeks into it, then got found out in the office that he is an incredible worker and got into a whole new field of work!!!

Scott has loved a lot of jobs but NOTHING like this one!!! He is treated with such respect and dignity and they love him! He absolutely LOVES his job right back! He loves it out there where there is NOTHING to look at! SO, one would think that we would just hop into our moving van and move out there!....WRONG! But NOT for the reasons that you may be thinking at this moment!

I had always thought that we would move out there after we knew that he loved it and they loved him. I will never forget Scott telling me otherwise! It was like i was hit in the gutt! It was in the first three months or so....Scott told me that there was no way that we could move out there! "WHAT?" For one, there is not a place to live! Scott just told me a couple of hours ago that there are TWENTY-FOUR trailers out his window of men living in them in the parking lot, the men are having to live in motels, and apartments in town because there is no place for the MEN to even live! THERE IS NOTHING TO LIVE IN!

Another reason is our own home now....the roof is a HUGE issue. Another issue that Scott told me is that Sophina would not have the medical care like she has here. We have therapists in our home right now four times a PT, one OT, two times for Speech PLUS we have the school district comes out once a week! We have all of our medical care right here in town where the Cities' Dr's come up to St Cloud and we don't even have to go down there. Scott said that the medical items would be a HUGE issue.

Scott looked and looked for work here but what he is qualified for is NOT in St least not something that we could live on! When he was searching here....he was either overqualified (unbelievable) OR he was under-qualified! It was very draining on him and our family to see him come back to the house over and over with another rejection.

We have talked in depth of moving closer to Scott but what Scott has heard from others who have done that is that no one is happy. The family moves to a place where they know no one but Dad has to work the long hours and then drive one to one and one-half hours to get back and forth so dad is tired and just wants to go to bed and the kids just see dad eat and go to sleep! Mom has no support and no husband most of the time and it is draining on the husband to drive such distances after working so many hours...esp. in the winter months....dangerous.

We have talked extensively of moving to Bismarck but it is not really looking that different than what we have now...except that six hours would be knocked off of Scott's travel time for coming home every five weeks. We didn't feel that it was worth losing over 23 years of being in a place that we have lived at for our children.

We want you to know that we know that this is NOT an ideal situation but that we are waiting on the Lord to lead us as to what we are suppose to do and as of now...we are in the waiting stage! We have likened it to being a military family except that in our case...we get to see our husband/daddy more often! We are praying that this won't last a super long time but we aren't seeing any changes happening with housing or with work or with medical stuff so we have learned how to live like this while we wait.

We thank God for computers!!! Sophina remembers Daddy from that and from a book that he recorded his voice and reads to her. We have Skype and our phones that we are able to talk. No, this is definitely NOT ideal nor will it be forever but for now, we don't see anything changing for quite awhile.

We really didn't understand the timing of bringing Ethan into this but may i remind you that this little boy doesn't have a Mommy or a Daddy who live anywhere near him at for now, when he gets home...he will see his Daddy every five weeks but it won't be forever that way but at least he will have a Daddy and a Mommy and sisters and a brother-in-law who will love him to pieces!

We are praying that the Lord will have something that will be obvious as to what we are suppose to be doing so we can once again be all back together but until then we will not stop obeying what God has asked us to do! We WILL once again be together but we are waiting for His timing...and a house would help;})

We just thought that we would let you know that we are concerned about the same things that you are more than likely concerned about BUT we beg of you....PLEASE do not hold back from Ethan because of it. Ethan needs a family and God chose us and we are honored to obey even if it doesn't make sense to us right now! We are asking for your support and loving encouragement. thanks so much, always blessed, Connie for the crew


  1. Praying for God's provision and guidance, and for Him to reveal His perfect plans in His perfect timing. Like you said, this isn't ideal, but I firmly believe that when He brings you to the other side of it, you'll smack yourselves in the forehead and say, "OH! That's why!" :)

  2. I hope that everything works out so that the 8 of you can be together soon :)

    My DH actually works in the printing industry, too. His job is not in danger right now--his company (which prints personalized invitations, cards, and the like) is doing well, even though some of the competition has folded. They've always treated him very well. I know they are hiring for some positions, and there's plenty of places to live around here, although the cost of living is pretty expensive. We are right by Worcester, MA--second largest city in Massachusetts, and not all that far from Boston--so getting whatever health care you need should not be a problem. Don't know what kind of printing Scott has done, but if you want me to look into what jobs might be available where my husband works, I can.

  3. Not sure where "out there" is nor where "here" is but I've got a couple travel hints. Flying can be cheaper than driving - when I traveled for work - I would book my trip home 5 or 6 weeks in advance. Depending on your airport choices, there are some airlines that can be quit inexpensive - once you factor in cost of gas for driving and wear and tear on car and the person driving it is sometimes better. Also, there are millions of families having to endure one parent or the other being away especially in the military - skype is great - pictures help - Don't let others discourage you - God has a plan .... and it sometimes isn't real easy but just stick with it .........Praying for your family

  4. Thank you ladies...your prayers mean a lot to us. We also appreciate your helpfulness. Scott absolutely LOVES his job & i will never ask him to go somewhere else...he is definitely where he is suppose to be but i am grateful for your asking.
    Also, Scott used to take the train but with all of the flooding that has happened it has not been available. We are praying that the train will be fine for our daughter's three weeks!
    We so appreciate your comments, prayers and support. Love, Connie for the crew who are always blessed no matter the day!