Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just for those of you who do not have FB...i thought that i would post my FB posts for this morning.... FIRST though....i want you to remember that i did NOT in ANY way want to do this garage sale THIS WEEK....i can't begin to tell you how many times i said, "this couldn't be a worse week to have this sale" GOD KNEW about what i had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN!!! In these seven days...we will be putting out $200 to finish the Home Study and $890 for our USCIS to be sent. YOU will see what happened.....

"Have i mentioned that God is AMAZING? I wasn't even planning it this way BUT we have to write out a check for $890 for our USCIS form/FBI checks & we just wrote out the last ($200) check for our home study this week!!! you remember that we had a garage sale the last two days? more than covers that next expense!!! WOW! It was DEFINITELY NOT MY timing!!! BUT God...."

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!! DID YOU SEE THE TOTAL????? The garage sale was $1,190 and our expenses are $1,090!!!!! WOW!"

"I seriously did not put it together until i read my post out loud to the girls!!! I am blown away by God's provision, His guidance and His sovereignty!"

‎"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​~~~PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am shaking from the AMAZING MIRACLE!!!!"

"Ummmm.....God has shaken me to the very core!!!! I just was going to put the money into the bank when i also went to look for the $100 for the Marshmallow Shooters when it hit me!!! THAT $100 is in the total of the garage sale!!!!! THAT MEANS THAT OUR GARAGE SALE WAS......$1,090!!!!!!!!!! Our expenses for this week is $1,090 for the adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!"

SO....thought that you may all want to praise the Lord with me...His sovereignty, His provision, His amazingness!!! Blessed always....Connie for the crew