Friday, August 5, 2011

The dreaded garage sale....WOW!

I went into this garage sale with not too high of hopes. I had heard way too many horror stories & couldn't believe that what i had would get very much. PLUS, it was REALLY quiet for MOST hours on both days. BOTH days were busy when they were busy & dead when they were dead with WAY MORE dead time than busy.
A poor young couple that came to help BOTH days...well, let's just say that they NEVER got to see it busy. They were amazing though in that they helped by organizing at the end of last night & went to the store to get diapers & goats milk this morning...(let's just say that we even had to use the diapers in the diaper bag;} It has been a VERY BUSY WEEK!)
Then i had another lady who was absolutely amazing in that she was here THREE days helping for hours all three days! PLUS, she let us use her tables & she gave a donation above what she bought (enough to put her name on the quilt;})
Then there were two ladies who came to help the night before too and one of them brought us a meal....which to be honest...was the reason we ate at home the two times we ate it and the other one brought us enough tables and signage to make our garage sale do well! BOTH of those ladies also bought stuff and both gave enough extra to have THEIR names on Ethan's quilt.
Then there was a sweetheart of a lady whom i love dearly who came & priced things & donated things to sell & then brought us donuts to sell the first morning. There were college students who came on Thursday night LAST WEEK & helped price things & cut our grass! OH and there was a family who donated items for our sale & the wife posted like crazy on FB (along with several lovely others)and another family who donated items for our sale & came after a REALLY long day & helped organize for a couple of hours on Wed. night. Then there was a great friend of Liz's that came today & made sure that i kept up my fluids, sat down as often as possible & she wore my money belt that was stopping circulation of my dress;}) Can't forget my family who put up with Mom...saying..."i am so sorry but not until after this garage sale"...."Mommy doesn't have time today-next week". Our PCA worked Thurs. morn/night & Fri. morn/night so i could get all of this done! THEN of course, all of you prayer warriors!!! Then there were two college students who came again to help me pre garage sale...riding their bikes in the extreme heat last week! Another college student who is like a daughter came and helped tag & helped at the garage sale too! Our neighbor put it all over the place about our garage sales & another neighbor let us use her tables! Another woman came & told us how her daughter had given up something that was VERY precious to her because she knew it would go for a good cause and she donated a bunch of videos that sold like HOT CAKES as well as other items that she priced!
THEN there were two different ladies who gave...enough for both of their families to have FOUR quilt pieces (that is not WHY they were doing it though...but they will get that). Another family friend came back to give us enough for TWO quilt pieces (again, not why she gave).
There was someone who gave us a computer to sell and two used porch doors to sell...neither sold SO if you know of someone who needs either of these items, let me know! MANY MANY MANY were interested so i would LOVE it if you will pray that they will still sell!
If i forgot someone....i apologize brain is like...well, it is FRIED! I haven't worked this hard for a long time...ok...well, it was tough! We had to keep saying that it was for Ethan & that would get us through!
SO we were open yesterday and today from 7:30-5ish.....are you ready for the total???? It blows my mind....i just cannot believe it.....and i REALLY don't think that the ladies thought it would be this good......OH....btw, i was able to tell our story to SO MANY MANY people! I cannot begin to tell you what i heard in return...amazingly wonderful, such encouragement! I even got to meet another Reece's Rainbow mother who just adopted NINE MONTHS ago!!! SO COOL!
OH......are you still waiting;})? Our TWO DAY TOTAL is.......
$1,190 yes....$1,190.00.....that includes the $24.16 at Catherine's rock stand/coffee/donut/ kool-aid shop!!!
PRAISE THE LORD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE.....we are so very blessed!!!!


  1. That's MORE than enough to pay your USCIS fees! Or whatever else comes up next. Thankful on your behalf!

  2. WOW! That's SOOOO amazing!!! God is good!

  3. Wow!!! My jaw dropped! What a great reward for all your hard work! PRAISE THE LORD!!!