Sunday, July 31, 2011

The miracles of this morning...Part 2

SO this lady who i love but rarely see anymore actually was right near me in the foyer after the service and knew that she had to share what miracle had happened with her INDIVIDUAL self this morning.
She went on a walk & she told the Lord that she really needed to hear from him...she wanted to know that He really could speak to she said that she had $20 that she wanted to give to someone...NOT $15, not $25 but $20!!!!! She wanted the Lord to make it abundantly clear, very obvious, without a doubt as to WHO that $20 should go to!!!!!! I could fill this whole page with exclamation points!!!! I THEN told her about how the video was suppose to be played last week and how they didn't have time because they wanted to send out the Horol Team in prayer...which our eldest and her fiance are a part of!!! She wept some more as she heard of God's amazing goodness to her INDIVIDUAL need! WOW!!!!! (there are those exclamation points again...but seriously, WOW!)

Then someone told me that their friend was asking about the woman who spoke this morning and the man that he was asking had not been in the service as he was suppose to be the person who walked the hallways looking for people that may need help with any number of things. This man is a good friend of ours SO he knew that we were adopting and figured out who the man was asking about and gave this man our phone number as he has more questions...we will see what happens with that.

Then there was a couple, who was talking to a sweetheart of a missionary young lady whom i hadn't seen for awhile so i had to go hug and love on, who said that i was the first person they met at church. You see she had asked them if they had met me or not. We smiled and said that we had met quite a few times. (My daughter and her fiance are VERY good friends but she didn't know that as she has been away for a long while) This couple then said that they wanted to come help me with our garage sale!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! They hardly know me and yet they are giving their time! WOW! What a blessing!

Then a woman handed me $20 and asked for her family to be put on the quilt!

Our PCA asked..."So, has anyone donated the $100 yet?" I was shocked that i had to say, "No! Isn't that weird?" I then went looking for a woman who i knew needed to come to our garage sale & finally found her! There was hardly anyone left in the church. As i was talking to the lady i found, i saw a lady quietly standing there looking like she wanted me so i excused myself and she quietly asked, "Connie, i was wondering, has anyone given that $100 yet?" "No! Can you believe it?" She answered by opening her wallet and giving me all she had....$100! I told her of how i thought that someone may just scream out that they had it and she said that she REALLY WANTED TO DO JUST THAT!!! SO...God used this quiet, selfless, servant of a woman (who is almost always in our nursery whenever those baby doors are open) to fulfill the need of a 10 year old boy to give ALL of his earnings...$250 for Ethan!!!

A man told me that his wife loves me and i replied that i loved her. He then told me that he will be sending his wife over this week to help me with the garage sale and that he has off this Friday and that he is going to be with their tribe(my word) so that she can come and be with me!!! HOW FUN WILL THAT BE!?!?!

By the way, a man (whose wife was not there this morning) said that his wife has been aching to adopt a child with Down Syndrome and that his heart just was crushed to see what he saw on our video. He said that he couldn't wait to tell her about what happened this morning!

SO...i don't know, what do you think? Do you think it went well???? I am floating on air as to how amazing and glorious my God is!!! AND how amazing His people are! We are SO very grateful! thanks, Connie for our crew....who is ALWAYS blessed!

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  1. That is awesome! God is working and he is using you!!!!!