Sunday, July 31, 2011

THIS MORNING's VIDEO showing at our church-PART 1

This morning was the morning that our video was shown at our church. Remember how it was suppose to be shown last week? Well, i have some stories for you that will tell you that there is a reason that God is God and i am NOT!!! God knew that it was suppose to be this week and not last and it changed people's lives that would NOT have been changed if it had been last week.
First of all, the music was AMAZING!!! Some of my all time favorite music so that time with the Lord was so sweet! "We Will Walk by Faith and Not by Sight" i just about came out of my body with worship!
The man who preached last week, well he and his wife adopted two boys from of the reasons that i thought LAST week would have been perfect was that he would be perfect for our video to be on. What i didn't know was that he WAS perfect for introducing our video...HE did the announcements!!! He did a great job giving the intro for the video.
While the video was playing, my hands started getting very sweaty, my heart started racing and i started shaking. Then our Ally told me to look at Scott, who was sitting next to her, he was weeping and his lip was wobbling. Just in case you wonder, that is NOT normal! Well, that was the wrong thing for me to have done...i started crying! I had to go get the mic and when i walked up people were clapping.
I only had a few minutes and i forgot to give the people our blogpost address!!! UGH! I only had time to let the people know of our financial need so i told them that we needed quilt makers, embroider people, people to buy $20 quilt pieces, told them about our garage sale this Thursday/Friday & about the 10yr old boy needing $100. i REALLY thought that someone would yell out that they had the $100 but no one did. ;]
They had us shake hands and greet people and a lady came up and said that she would take care of all of the embroidering of the quilt as she had an embroiderer machine!!! THAT was HUGE!!! I was so excited!
Then the sermon was amazing! The sermon TOTALLY went with the video and how people could be encouraging of the body of Christ. It was one of the most wonderful sermons! God used him mightily!
He even made it personal by talking about how his wife had never seen him cry and how the video had him in a weeping mess right before his first time preaching at our church! He talked about how he couldn't believe what he was seeing and how moved he was by people taking action that is godly! I leaned over and whispered to Ally..."God knew it was suppose to be this!"
Oh i forgot...the fighter verse for this week was done by our pastor, who was sitting in the congregation on vacation, and he did it ....perfectly...with such feeling and just beautifully. I thought last week's verse was perfect but having HIM saying this week's verse was .... PERFECT...the verses??? OH....Psalm 139:15-18!!! God is so good! He stood and used his body language to SEE what the words meant!
Then the sermon was done and i was praying for many people to ask us questions...but it didn't happen SO we will only see what will happen in the future. What DID happen was amazing! The people right behind us were so sweet with Sophina and the Mrs. said that she will help me cut pieces for the quilt...i am praying for MANY more to help with that.
Then there was a dear friend whom i rarely see anymore who could not believe that she saw me to tell me her story....
OH....and then there was the woman who came up to me when almost everyone was gone and said.....

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