Saturday, July 30, 2011

We have a 10 yr old who wants to give to Ethan's grant

There is a ten year old boy who has been in my class that i led for our homeschool group who also just recently started attending our church who is wanting to do something AMAZING for just warms my heart! HE IS TEN YEARS OLD!!!!! OK...anyway, he wants to make, with his own hands,...Marshmallow Shooters (i did tell you that this was a BOY:)) Not just FIVE Marshmallow Shooters but FIFTY!!!! He was wanting to do something to help bring Ethan home and he knows how to make these SO he knew that this was something that he COULD do! Talk about a sacrificial gift! WOW!
Well, there is an issue that my friend called me about. My friend is a friend to BOTH of our families and she asked if i would come onto our family's blog and let you all know that this boy needs $100 for his supplies. SHE was thinking that tomorrow church, there would be someone who would donate $100 for THIS cause and give this money to me before church so that i could get it to this young man! He would earn $250!!!! AND HE WANTS TO GIVE IT ALL TO ETHAN'S ADOPTION!!!!! (so your money would not be tax deductible i don't think)
SO...if you are as impressed as i am....would you please be willing to give the needed $100 tomorrow morning???
We are in awe of the incredible selfless act of this young man's hard earned money AND his summer time!!!
thanks so much, Connie for our crew
PS. Just thought that i would let you know that this friend who called me....well, her mother ordered 25 of them from the Orphan Care Garage Sale last month for her family's Christmas presents for stocking stuffers!
PSS. You can order yours tomorrow at church too;})

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