Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am so excited that i cannot stand it!

Today, our son was moved to the New Commitments page on Reece's Rainbow which means that people can now read our story. People that we don't even know. People who are like we were....never knowing about these precious children until they clicked onto RR.  People who will click onto our family's story and read how they can be people just like us....with house payments, desires to have a vacation, have needs that need to be taken care of, have a child with DS who changed their lives forever, have more children than most...have more daughters than most, had one mate who was all for it and one who never thought it was for them.....until he saw these children and now wishes he could do more, a family who has tough days with many raw emotions, a family who loves each other most moments, a family who loves Jesus passionately and will do what He asks them to do.....even though MANY think that they are out of their minds.  Even though many would rather they not talk about such hard things and would stop already about the orphans.  Even though many would rather ignore than have to see the faces.  Even though it is a subject....their son, is a subject that gets changed often and the eyes are diverted.  Even though......
We are so overwhelmed with love and such URGENCY to get him HOME!!!!  We just want to go there and get him and forget ALL OF THIS PAPERWORK and computer stuff!  BUT we WILL do whatever it takes to get him home!

OH how we cannot wait to hold him and let you all fall in love with him....we pray that you each will fall in love with matter what.  My mind was racing a million miles a minute last night with an idea that was started when i was in my twenties and just got WAY better with adding our son to the mix!
The idea is for a fund raiser to help with the cost of our adoption...working furiously on it...with FB and phone calls.

I find myself trying to not get too excited because i don't want to hurt if anything happened and yet....when i allow myself full reign (which is happening more and more) heart about bursts from the love i have never experienced before.....a mother for her son;})  Scott will have a son....he has always been SO grateful to have daughters (as have i!!!) but now he will know what it is like to have a son. (yesterday we were messaging each other and it was the first time i saw him write...."That's me and my boy."  Oh, did i forget?  I married a man who did a 180 degree turn on adoption & had to remind me two days ago as to why we are doing all of the unbelievable things one has to do to adopt! He has amazed me with his BIG heart for the orphans!

Before you think that we were just wanting to adopt so we could have a son....ummm...we were NOT looking for a boy....they scare me;})  God brought us our son and we will love him so much that he will beg us to stop making such a slobbery mess on him;})

By the way, i don't know if you have noticed but i haven't been using Ethan's name....this is not his real name we found out.  Scott and i have been talking furiously about what his name should be and should be letting you know VERY shortly!  We are so excited!
We so appreciate your love and support and crave daily prayer warriors on our behalf! We also pray that you will be able to come alongside to help bring him home! lovingly and very blessed, Connie for us all


  1. Enjoyed all of your posts! Will be praying for you and your family on this new journey! I, too, have a husband who is like your husband, but hasn't done a turn around. I'm praying for God to soften his heart, because I would love to bring one of these kiddos home to our house. We have 4 dtrs, ages 8-17, and our youngest also has DS!

    Elk Grove, CA

  2. I just saw you on the new commitment page. We are waiting any day to get switched over from My Family Found Me to New Commitment. I can't wait!

  3. So excited for you. We probably won't get moved over to the New Commitment page until Monday. So I am impatiently waiting to shout who our child is. What an amazing journey we will all be experiencing together. I am excited and anxious at the same time :)