Friday, July 29, 2011


This morning, we were so excited because we had two people give...we were so thrilled! I was holding the computer in my hand and the girls were all around me and we cheered. When my girls wake up in the morning, i wonder what they will do when they go to the computer to check it this time! THEN there is Scott, Liz in Ukraine (who CAN use a computer), & Alex in London! WOW! Wish i could see each of their responses! THREE gifts in one day!!! What a 24 hours!
SO, this is to announce that we had two givers that covered Scott's birthday fund raising event and it was taken care of BEFORE his birthday! I cannot wait until he wakes up in just a few hours to see this...then work a MASSIVE amount of hours and then drive nine hours to come home to us! THEN we will be in church on Sunday to announce to our congregation that we are adopting Ethan! WOW!!!
I am so grateful for each gift and giver! God bless each of you who have given....some of you even sacrificially! thank you

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