Monday, July 25, 2011

A way to honor Scott's b-day in 11 days

My husband has been amazing through this adoption journey from beginning to now. He has wanted to fight Russia to get the little girl that i was desperately wanting to adopt even though i knew that we couldn't take the risk of losing her to the institution if we lost. He held me as i cried my heart out in agony wondering if we had made the wrong decision....what if we SHOULD have fought...what if no one gets to her in time. Thank God she has a wonderful family who was created to be her family! There was such joy when we found out she was going to be saved!!!

He has been there working through all that adoptive parents go through....all of those what ifs. We spent weeks upon weeks working it all out. Then he stepped up and said that we WERE to for sure adopt a little one from Reece's Rainbow. He wanted an airplane full of children to save. I was the one who was concerned about my heart being broken again now and he was the one who was my rock!

He is the one who has encouraged me and lifted me up when i despised the FIRST part of paperwork that we have had to go through! He has been amazing! He has made me so proud of the man i married doing whatever it takes to bring our Ethan home! He has stayed up late reading, even up til this very evening Skyping so we could finish our Home Study, and being so great with computers to at ease, correct what needed to be done so we wouldn't have to wait an extra day while the agency corrected what we found!
SO....all of that to say that i thought of a way to honor him. Scott is going to be 1 year shy of the big 5-0...cannot believe it! SO i was wondering if in these eleven days we could have 50 people give $10 or 10 people give $50!!!
There is a family who is donating a $400 check for their names to be on the quilt (which should show up soon on the grant fund and i know of another couple who has also donated a $50 check for the quilt that should also come up soon SO that means that would put us at $960. AFTER that total i am praying that we would be able to have people give in honor of Scott....$500 BEFORE his birthday on August 5th!!! Which would put us at $1,460! Our total cost is going to be @$22,000. (i will be giving a break down of where that money goes as soon as i figure out how to put it on the blog;}))

We will also still be having the quilt fund raiser going as there are many pieces left for friends and family to add for the memory quilt. THANK YOU SO much to those of you who have already given for that!
Share this with your friends if you would! thanks so much, lovingly, Connie

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  1. Looking for friends of mine to help Connie and Scott adopt Ethan..they are ready to represent us and include us in this joyful reunion with their new son!