Friday, July 15, 2011

Drum roll please......

Scott let me know what his choice is for our son (from the five choices given;]) ) SO are you ready?????

His name is Ethan Scott Andrew Lindquist.........which goes with Scott Lester Lindquist.....Scott's dad's name is Lester;})  I never thought we would be able to have that legacy continue!

Ethan was not his real name but Ethan will always be Ethan to us (especially the girls) and we just couldn't see him as something else.  I already shared why we want Scott's name in there and then the Andrew is my part. Since our other children's names are very regal and Victorian, you may think that it is because Andrew is also BUT then you'd be wrong for the REAL reason.  Yes, Andrew DOES go well with Elizabeth Jordan Marie, Alexandra Jessica Mae, Victoria Joy Madelyn, Catherine Jo Marilyn and Sophina Jane Merry BUT the reason was given WAY before Liz was even thought of.

You see, i have wanted to name our son Andrew since before there was even a 'we'!  I have always loved it for the above reasons but the main one is because of what i learned at Oak Hills Bible College.  Whenever Andrew is mentioned in the Bible he is ALWAYS bringing someone to Jesus.  You may could a little boy from Eastern Europe who has been in an orphanage his whole life AND has Down Syndrome be able to bring people to Jesus?  My friend, I can't wait to watch it happen because i know it is going to happen!

Lovingly, Connie for us all
PS. Did you know that the name Ethan is in the Bible EIGHT times???? Well, i didn't either until our Lizzie told me.  Did you know that he wrote an amazing Psalm? Well, if i did know that, it didn't matter to me but two nights ago i read it.....i think it is one of the best Psalms in the Scriptures! SO....oh! You want to read is Psalm 89
I am now passionately in love with my son and want desperately to bring home more and more as each day passes. (on to the testing!)


  1. LOVE the name! I am so happy for you and will continue to pray for you and all this "fun" stuff you have to endure. Maybe morning sickness wasn't so bad....LOL

  2. I love his name! What an amazing testimony his life will have and we'll pray that like his namesake he brings many to the feet of Jesus!

  3. I LOVE his name. Perfect. Love you Lindquist family!!