Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little known background story

Our family has had quite the incredible few days! First, we had the amazing garage sale which far exceeded our dreams or imaginations! It also was pretty miraculous. We are/were in awe of what God did!
Then our paperwork....it has been such a long process. We got started WAY before we even knew we were thinking of a boy...let alone of Ethan. We wanted to be ready! It has seemed like a VERY VERY long time but our three weeks late has been nothing compared to a friend of mine's....three MONTHS late!
I want to tell you a story about a LITTLE part of the process that Scott & i and the girls went through. To tell you the truth, i never dreamed that we would be adopting a little boy. In my mind, i felt we were suppose to be adopting a little girl. THEN.....there was a little boy who changed my mind. In fact, this little boy kept coming up over and over again at our house. I even told my father about him. My dad even looked him up on RR. We talked about him. In fact, we thought that we were going to adopt him. One problem....we were still struggling with what God was asking of us. You KNOW, all of the things that you are thinking of us....HOW IN THE WORLD...with Scott in ND, with a wedding, with how much is already going on in our lives .... etc... but this little boy tugged at my heart....at each of our hearts. His brown eyes and dark hair...he is so precious! I begged the Lord to let me know without a doubt if we were to adopt him. I kept on going back and forth,Scott did as well. Finally, after WEEKS of this....we decided that we needed to decide once and for all. Were we going to adopt or not? Scott said yes and i went to the little boy on Reece's Rainbow who had changed my heart into allowing the thought of bringing a boy into my very very girly life.....but Danny had been put onto the My Family Found Me page the night before! I smiled....with moisture in my eyes....i was a HUGE mix of emotions....God knew....and He let me know....Danny was NOT suppose to be our son. We called the Home Study Agency that day to set up an appt. for a Home Study with no child in mind. The week of our home study is around the time that we decided on Ethan!

Do you remember Constance.....the little girl who captured my heart and brought our family into saying yes to adoption? Well, Danny is the little boy who captured my heart and brought me into allowing the thought that we could adopt a boy!!!

I am telling you all of this because God is amazing! I have two friends who are adopting from Bulgaria whom i talk to almost every day! The two ladies are ahead of me...one by a couple months and the other.....she is so smart....she is Danny's mother! She will be a wonderful mother who will love Danny like no one else on earth will. I am going to ask you each something though...today, has been a mixed emotion kind of day. You see, Danny's mom and dad have been going through this process for a long time too. Instead of their process being delayed by three weeks though....they have been delayed by three MONTHS!!! I cannot fathom....it has been such a struggle for me knowing that every delay keeps Ethan in that orphanage that much longer...it has been heart wrenching for me! To have this happen for three MONTHS though....oh my!

SO on this day when i should be only rejoicing ....i pause....a long pause and ask that you will pray for my friend Jess....a brainy, real woman that has helped me a LOT....pray that the paperwork that they are sending out in TWO DAYS will be met by a person who cares about their job and who wants to do things right and efficiently! PLEASE pray that their paperwork will fly through the Dept.! I wish that Jess and i could go to Bulgaria at the same time but one of us will go before the other....hard and wonderful for both of us. Will you pray for Danny? Pray for his protection, his health, his emotional well being, his care, and his family who is waiting SO patiently for him!

Lord, i pray that You will move the paperwork quickly for Danny's behalf. I pray that You will hold Jessica tightly in Your arms and bring her peace. I pray that You will guard Wes and Jessica and bring them closer together through all of these trials and hardships. I pray that as their paperwork goes out on Thursday that all will be right with it and that it will go into the best hands at the Mailing Service and then the best hands at the Dept. of Homeland Security! I pray that the time will go quickly and that their dossier will also move along so all will be ready. In Jesus' name, Amen

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  1. You're such a great friend, Connie! Jessica and I are blessed to have you on this journey with us :) Much love!